polkagris granna sweden

Polkagris is a Swedish type of rock candy cane that’s been made in Granna, Sweden since 1859. The name “polka-gris” literally means “polka pig”, although nobody was dancing there when I arrived. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and not very fond of peppermint either but the Polkagris store’s large variety of candies quickly overwhelmed my appetite. They’ve also managed to dip just about everything in chocolate, from fruit to other candy, making it difficult not to gorge yourself on even a brief stop.

Granna and the Polkagris store (for which there are many signs) is right in between Stockholm and Gothenburg and a satisfying stop if you’re ever driving between the two. This area of Sweden, near Jonkoping, seems to be a good place for unique food with Boxholm cheese and the smallest cafe in Sweden in the immediate area as well.

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