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How To Save Money On Your Longer Stay In Argentina

This is a guest post by Marcello Arrambide, who has been working for freedom his entire life. He’s unlocked the secret through day trading and now wanders the world and shares his experience on his website: Wandering Trader’s Travels. He has visited over 30 countries on 4 different continents including the elusive Antarctica. When I was living in Buenos Aires for over 3 months, I was able to not only get to know Argentinian culture, but actually see everything that it has to offer. Every single weekend I would pick up and go to a new city for a new adventure. There are so many things to see in the country that I even had to come back to Argentina when I moved to Chile. The country of Argentina has everything for any tourist; ranging from the bustling cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, the animal haven of Puerto Madryn, or even the gateway to Antarctica for the diehard traveler.  We all want to save money and time on our travels and there are certainly things you can skip in Argentina. Here are a few things you can avoid to save money in Argentina. Getting a Hostel or Hotel Room Instead of Renting an Apartment The cosmopolitan city caters to tourists and many times you can find a great apartment with Internet and air conditioning for as cheap as $200-$300...

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Sights And Sounds From The Gulf’s Best Corniche: Muscat, Oman

The other major cities in the Gulf states have their fair share of corniches, which is a fancy French word for road by the water, one typically with a cliff on either side. Perhaps it’s the absence of skyscrapers looming on the horizon or nature’s inclusion of the rocky cliffs along the skyline, but Muscat, Oman’s corniche is visually unique in the region. Muscat, and Oman in general, makes you feel like it’s a nation undercover. Hiding its wealthy status and oil money, along with throngs of visible tourists, it’s tough to be the wiser. There isn’t the modern blitz of metal like in Dubai, or anything resembling the real-time metamorphosis of the landscape in Qatar. This militarily strategic tip of the country in the Gulf of Oman has seen the likes of the Persians and Ottomans, but now is a hub of jogging, shopping, and the drinking of endless amounts of highly sugared black tea. These guys were much more lively the few hands before I shyly asked to take a video of their card game. (Click here if you can’t see the video.) I hung around a bit, trying to figure out the exact rules of what they were playing – and while I didn’t accomplish that, I learned to show up the next morning around 5am or so. Immediately to the left, at the end of...

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The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2011: Final Four

The Elite 8 of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament was a series of upsets for the most part, with strong favorites Istanbul and Jerusalem being bumped out by the smaller Porto and Chaing Mai. Rio also moved on to the Final Four, quietly yet again, although now all eyes will be set on the Brazilian city against the Prague powerhouse. (Register to vote now.) It’s now crunch time and up to you to decide the two cities that will face off in Friday’s Championship. Porto or Chiang Mai – Prague or Rio de Janiero; you’ve got two days to determine who moves on. There can be only one best city – polls are open until this Thursday, March 31rst at 6pm US EST. You must register to vote – good luck everyone! (Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through to this page to vote.) You can view the entire tournament bracket in full size or click the image to view in wide-screen. The Final Four round is a short one, so get your votes in quickly! The Championship kicks off early this Friday, April 1rst. Don’t worry if you missed this contest, I run several throughout the year. You can be the first to find out about the next one by signing up for my email updates, RSS feed, or bi-monthly newsletter. Receive email updates:...

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Traveling Before And Behind The Protests In Bahrain

I originally was going to title this post something along the lines of what makes Bahrain a wonderful place to travel – though despite the recent unrest it seemed rather contradictory. Whenever I go to a new place, I often leave with a few key impressions that color my thoughts and writing. With Bahrain, the overwhelming sense that it’s a little known country was one such impression; then, a few days after I left it was all over the news. That collective blank slate was filled with images of protests and stories of murdered bystanders, demonstrating the complexity and at the same time hiding the diversity within Bahrain. Walking Around A Walled Yet Open Society Bahrain, like many of its Gulf state neighbors, has the regional blend of creative skyscrapers looming in the horizon, signaling a power and wealth that few places demonstrate so effectively. When you get down into the smaller streets and neighborhoods however, you see the backbone of the nation – its countless hard working immigrants upon which Bahrain is built. Walking down the streets of these communities is almost like strolling through a live world map – slowly passing by India, Nepal, Thailand and others with each block. The number and variety of immigrants, primarily from southeast Asia also makes Bahrain a fantastic place to eat. The variety of affordable small stands and hole-in-the-wall type...

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Cut Out Of A Mountain: The Ancient Theater In Myra, Turkey

The ancient Lycian city of Myra and this theater (later converted by the Romans into a stadium for gladiator fights), is a short 20 minute walk from Santa Claus’s church. I visited both on Christmas Day (December 25th) expecting to see large crowds at either site, only to find one or two tour groups meandering around. Many will be drawn to see Santa, but ancient Myra is really what makes the trip to the Turkish town of Demre worth a visit (and 10 Turkish lira entrance). You’ll notice this area was clearly Lycian, an ancient group of peoples with a knack for carving rock tombs (like those in Fethiye). Depending on your fondness of ancient ruins however, it can be a relatively short trip, unless you’re the sort like me who likes climbing in and through ancient ruins. Ancient Myra had more of an impact on me than St. Nicholas’ (very hyped) church in Demre though. Perhaps following in his footsteps is simply more interesting than looking at where he rested his legs. You can see a bit more of Myra’s ruins that are cut right into the rock in my gallery...

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The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2011: Elite 8

There were a few close races last week as the poll numbers jumped around quite a bit. Lubeck gave one heck of a fight before bowing out to tournament favorite Istanbul; while again Florence and Rio quietly advanced to the the round of 8. You may have noticed the figures changed quite a bit at the end, that was because I had to remove a number of invalid votes (aka. cheaters). For the rest of the tournament you’ll have to register to vote. You MUST first register here to vote. (I’ll delete all registrations after the competition.) We’ve got Europe, southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East making this a well-rounded Elite 8. You have until this Sunday, March 27th at 12:00pm US EST to decide which 4 cities will remain. (Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through to this page to vote.) You can view the entire tournament bracket in full size or click the image to view in wide-screen. Good luck to all of the cities still left, getting this far has been no easy accomplishment! The Final Four and Championship will both be next week, kicking off on Tuesday, March 29th. Don’t worry if you missed this contest, I run several throughout the year. You can be the first to find out about the next one by signing up for my email updates,...

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