pug in sunglassesI’m excited to announce my first ever live chat on foXnoMad and it would be lovely to see YOU in digital form there this coming Tuesday. On November 1st from 11am-2pm US EST we’ll have an open comment section where I’ll be chatting with interactive designer, traveler, and photographer John O’Nolan. He recently set out on his travel adventure and is the brains behind the blogging media site Travelllll.com.

Have questions on how to improve your travel photos? Perhaps you’d like to ask John how to get decent photos of F1 race cars. Feel free to chat with me too as I’ll be online for the 3 hours to talk travel with you as well.

How To Attend

You're Invited To Granada, Spain This November

Simply come to foxnomad.com next Tuesday, November 1st and I’ll have a gigantic link to the chat which will take place in the comments section of that day’s post. Remember the times the chat will be open are:

I’ll be in a bar in Porto, Portugal for the event with beers, comments, and photos to be posted live as well. After I get a few drinks in me who knows what else will happen.

It’s Been A Long Day At Work So Let’s Spend Some Of It Talking Travel

The live chat is the next evolution of the best comments of the month series which will also be featured next Tuesday. And, although I answer every comment I receive on the site, the responses will be in near real time during the live chat. Plus I’ll have a great guest you can learn quite a bit from. Besides, who doesn’t like a travel-exchange break from the office or before going out after a long week at work?

Things Are Changing

I encourage you to stop by, share your travel photos, and pick John’s brain about how to make your pictures more memorable.

Hope to hear from you Tuesday,