sanaa lock

foXnoMad got a new look last week and over the weekend some enhancements. To help further protect your privacy and security online, all connections to foXnoMad are now using TLS encryption. This means, among other things, your comments (along with the information you send with them, like email addresses) won’t be visible to anyone potentially watching the wireless network you’re on. Switching to full encryption is a move sites like Google and Facebook have made and it was about time I did here too.

Sites using SSL/TLS do give you some privacy on wireless networks but to be completely secure, you should be using one of these VPNs for travelers. For foXnoMad, you shouldn’t notice any major differences from the change (except a little lock icon in your browser bar) but if you do come across any weirdness, I would appreciate if you could please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

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