A visa outsourcing company losing, then finally finding and returning your mutilated passport weeks later can be a frustrating blessing of time. (I still hate you BLS International Services.) While my passport was traveling through fingers of ineptitude this unexpected, vague stretch of days was a rejuvenating diversion for me personally. (BLS, you still suck.) And online, this is what I’ve been up to, even though I never got my Indian visa. (BLS, screw you.)

Ask Me Anything (AMA) On Reddit

Several people had asked me to chat on Reddit (rather than lurk there silently for years) and it was a lot of fun doing my first AMAA. You can take a look at what was asked, what I answered, and shower me in upvotes here.

Your Coronavirus Lockdown Stories And Videos From Around The World

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I’m Now A Spokesperson And Hotspot Shield Ambassador

I first recommended Hotspot Shield on May 31, 2008 and have continued to use that VPN ever since. My teaming up with them was a tech connection almost as natural as Geordi and Data’s Enterprise bromance. Those of you in need of a VPN (here are 4 reasons you should never travel without one) are a click away from Hotspot Shield’s free and premium services.

wine gifWriting For WIRED Magazine

About technology, travel, and booze in over 20 articles you can pregame on with this selection:

TipFox Tells You How Much To Tip At Restaurants, Bars And More Worldwide On Your Phone

Now For Your Ears

Recently, frequent flyer hacker Travis Sherry invited me as a guest on the Extra Pack Of Peanuts podcast and coming soon I’ll be discussing Edward Snowden, (among other things) on the Love Affair Travel podcast hosted by Ian Robinson. Lastly, this Thursday Kira Zalan, associate editor at U.S. News and World Report, will be here to answer your questions about writing, interviewing newsmakers, and what’s going on in the world you want to travel. Come join us this Thursday, November 7th from 7pm-9pm US EST or submit your questions early on Facebook and Twitter.