kira zalanPutting together the title for today’s live chat was challenging because whether you’re interested in improving your writing (for a travel blog or otherwise), want to know what it’s like to interview people from Donald Rumsfeld to M. Night Shyamalan, or the geopolitics of the world you’re traveling in, my guest can answer your questions. I should probably start by asking how to avoid run-on sentences.

Kira Zalan is an associate editor at U.S. News and World Report, where she writes on politics and policy and interviews authors and newsmakers. She has freelanced for Washingtonian, Marie Claire, Redbook, Foreign Policy, The Root magazines, and tweets @kzalan.

The chat is now closed, thank you everyone for joining!

Kira will be online later this evening to take your questions related to all of the above as well as journalism and Russian/post-Soviet studies; subjects which she has two Master Degrees in from Georgetown University and the London School of Economics, respectively. I’m not sure if she also speaks Bajoran but don’t neglect to ask in the comments below, you won’t be marked down for poor grammar.

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