sarajevo puppy

Travel at times is reminiscent of loneliness, something we don’t realize until our senses are heightened to focus on what a busy mind casually ignores. Climbing up the surrounding hills of Sarajevo’s Alifakovac neighborhood, I took in such a moment, enhanced by the silent tombstones overlooking Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s capital. The only sound beside my thoughts was the clicking of hard nails on pavement, perfectly synchronized with my footsteps.

Looking over my right shoulder I noticed I wasn’t alone – the pup above plopping into a sitting position – something he or she did every time I glanced back. My temporary companion kept a distant but observant eye on me with a cautious mother not too far behind. As the afternoon went on I sat to take in the scenery, eventually joined by the puppy above, reminding me of the simple things along the St. John’s River.

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