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A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology you should never travel without but until recently most applications focused on desk-laptop use and mobile versions were clunky at best. A VPN’s security benefits are invaluable to all of us who’ve connected to public wireless networks in airports and recent updates to a personal favorite, TunnelBear, bring all the advantages seamlessly to your phone or tablet.

Ease Out Of Settings

One of the biggest problems with many VPN apps is that they don’t let you connect to the actual VPN within the appropriate app itself but rather through Android or iOS setting menus. TunnelBear’s latest mobile versions are free up to 500MB for Android, iOS (they’ll throw in an extra gigabyte if you tweet about them) or $5 a month/$50 a year for unlimited use; a very good investment I recommend for most travelers.

tunnelbear mobile app

TunnelBear’s mobile apps have very useful “Always On” mode which keeps VPN connections after your device wakes up from sleep or you lock the screen. Those extra saved clicks can help you from forgetting to protect your online privacy in countries that might not respect it.

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Choose Your Digital Location

For many of you though more importantly is that TunnelBear will let you keep up with Orange Is The New Black on Netflix or any other site that’s restricted by location. Tell TunnelBear where you want to be digitally (e.g. United States) so you can watch your favorite TV shows from anywhere.

Aside from entertainment though, a VPN can get you around local Internet censorship when traveling, keeping you connected to the Internet in places that like to shut off free speech when they don’t agree with the message. Canada-based TunnelBear also doesn’t log any of your browsing or identifiable information which means they don’t have anything to share with governments if asked.

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Foxy nomads who would like a free annual “Grizzly” subscription to TunnelBear can win one by posting your best bear pun, photo link (GIFs welcome), or video in the comments below. I’ll choose the beary top rated one by noon this Friday, Septembear 26th, 2014. A one year subscription to TunnelBear is equivalent to 5 teddy bears or 2 and a half women’s teddys and gives you unlimited data across all of your devices, including PCs and Macs.