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Normally I write a review of every hostel or hotel I stay at along my travels but some, like FeelGood Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia, have such a chemistry of everything a traveler wants, highlighting them is irresistible. In general, adding an “s” in the middle of the word hotel gives it a slightly diminished reputation in many people’s minds, but if you don’t know here’s what a good hostel is really like.

Affordable but maintained like a place that should cost more in a great location, the staff embody what makes FeelGood Hostel a great place in Estonia’s capital city.

Reflective Design

FeelGood Hostel is roughly a year old and designed like a fresher version of an IKEA showroom. There are a lot of small artistic designs added to break up the sterility of its cleanliness, giving it a homely ambiance. A home where you can both relax but hang out with your favorite siblings who make you laugh.

feelgood hostel tallinn

And it is clean. Very clean. Both combined with the individually painted walls, the attentive staff all show the effort FeelGood Hostel is putting into being Tallinn’s best. The mattresses are soft, lockers provided, plus there’s a basic breakfast in a kitchen that welcomes your cooking.

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Privacy For Longer Stays

The private rooms at FeelGood Hostel can be harder to come by since many of them are filled with young professionals from abroad. I met one American who was working as a computer security engineer (we had a lot of tech to talk about); not too surprising as Internet is everywhere in Estonia, one of the world’s most connected nations. He was just one example of those in Tallinn sent for short work or school projects. Many others use FeelGood Hostel as a temporary apartment for stays of a month to three, since it’s relatively inexpensive with most of the same features.

feelgood hostel tallinn kitchen

Heterogeneous Mixture For Extroverted Introverts

A lot of people who like a quiet place to sleep worry that staying in a hostel means trying to drown out the noise of drunken conversations in the early hours of the morning. While party hostels do exists, the smart ones separate hangout areas from sleeping ones, strictly maintaining their segregation. FeelGood Hostel’s atmosphere cleverly meets at the intersection of silent slumber above, with plenty of activity for you to drop into on the main floor when you’re feeling social.

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The Hostel To Hop In Or Off From

Tallinn is a city perfect for a weekend trip or as part of a longer trip through the Baltic states. You can begin with a short trip to Vilnius, Lithuania, then take a 4 hour bus ride to visit Riga, Latvia on a budget, or do it the other way around from Tallinn. However you decide to make it to Tallinn’s coastal shores, remember to do some basic hostel planning so you’re not the most annoying person in the dorm.

If you do stay at FeelGood Hostel, I would appreciate you mentioning that you read about it here. I wasn’t paid at all for this review (in fact, they have no idea I’m writing it) but a small word about foXnoMad helps show your support. Now, I’m curious about you, what are some of your favorite hostels around the world?