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There are a lot of benefits of using a virtual private network (VPN) especially if you travel frequently. A VPN can get you cheaper airfare but its more frequent use is to get around local censorship or regional blocks a la Netflix. Many good VPN options are out there, all with various strengths and weaknesses, but if your primary concern is to unblock Netflix to watch your favorite TV shows online, Slick VPN does it better than most.

Problem For International Travelers

Depending on where you live, when you’re not in that country, you may have noticed some lame message telling you content isn’t available from the place you’re traveling. (Regional lockouts exist because of licensing and royalties.) It used to be fairly easy to get around such blocks but even though they’re denying it, even once lax Netflix is cracking down on VPN users.

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Testing several popular VPNs over a period of time, Slick VPN did better in accessing country-restricted content on sites like YouTube. Slick VPN has servers physically located in 46 countries so you can choose where it appears you’re browsing from (e.g. keeping up with House Of Cards on U.S. Netflix while nursing a Thai beach party hangover).

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High Marks On Privacy

Slick VPN also ranks on Torrent Freak’s 2016 list of VPNs that take your privacy seriously. None of your traffic is logged and Slick VPN doesn’t block any ports either. Slick VPN also provides all users their ‘Scramble’ feature, which makes it very difficult for countries to censor your VPN connection (technical details here). The technology behind Scramble is becoming increasingly necessary as more governments around the world focus on improving their censorship capabilities. You also don’t want to be tracked online, something Scramble as well as Slick VPN’s encryption features prevent against.

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Low Price For Solid Service

Slick VPN isn’t free (most VPNs worth anything aren’t) but for an annual $48 per 5 devices, it’s a bargain. You also get 24/7 support if you need it plus 30 days to try them out and get your money back if you aren’t happy with the service. Setting up Slick VPN on desk or laptops is also fairly straightforward, although its mobile app versions are clunky to configure. Given its overall reliability in my tests as well as Slick VPN’s knack for getting around more stubborn Hulu-like regional lockouts, if you’re constantly locked out of your favorite content abroad, sign up for the free 30-day Slick VPN trial to try for yourself.

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