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Where Have We Blogged From?

Since we’ve been getting hits from all over the world, and most visitors to L’avant Poste are fond of traveling, I thought it be a good idea to keep track. We’ve now got an interactive map to track all of the places we’ve blogged for If you’re going somewhere in the world, or a state in America, send us a small post about it.

We’ll put it up on the site, and get to shade in your little corner of the planet. If any of your friends go, they can send a few lines too…just let them know! Send an email (the “Contact” link at the top of this page).

You can see the humble map now!

Thank you all 🙂

foXnoMad Locations

Where have we blogged from? The visitors to foXnoMad, and its editors are an international crowd — and we’d love to show where we’ve been seen L’avant Poste was set up. If you travel anywhere in the world send us an email with a few words about your trip. Help us to paint the world!

International Locations

England, Philippines, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain United States: Virginia, Maryland, DC, New York, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, Florida

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What’s in Your Passport?

If you have a passport that doesn’t need to be renewed for a while, your in luck. If you are going to need a passport anytime in the next 10 years, I suggest you get one now.

That’s because the US State Department plans to fit all newly issued passports with RFID tags this September. RFID tags are essentially little chips that can broadcast information (up to 30 ft). These RFID chips will contain all of your passport information, including picture and social security number.

You could be sitting at a cafe anywhere in the world watching all of the people with American passports walk by from your laptop. They wouldn’t know a thing.

Even scarier, is that some geek you used to beat up in high school has been able to (over wireless) take the information from one of these chips, and copy it. Cool, so the State Department has just made identity theft easier.

Also, there has been discussion that it is possible to create bombs, that would only be triggered when a RFID chip in a passport gets within 30 feet. Now imagine that.

This details are on Bruce Schneier’s blog. He is one of the world’s leading experts in information security. Now, is that George Bush clock really so crazy? <-- that was a cheap shot..

Also, as I Googled the word “passport” to put the picture in the post up, I found countless people who had scaned and put their passport insides on the Internet. Not too bright, some people even put their children’s passport online. Good thing I’m not Jason Smith 😉

story of [yester]day

so the cousin and i decided to visit the National Geographic Society Museum. quite frankly, i didn’t even know it existed, but i’m glad we went because it was pretty cool. basically there was an exhibit on the crusades with a lot of displays and there was another section devoted to football [soccer]! that was pretty cool– there were photographs from all over the world (turkey included!)

anyhoo, outside and in the next building, the photographs of Reza Deghati are featured. My cousin and I spotted a picture taken in Turkey, so naturally we went to check it out. So while we’re reading the caption, this lady sitting near us (with her hubby) starts talking… she REEKED of alcohol. And her speech was SO slurred– it was funny. She couldn’t read, so she was asking us to read the caption for her and explain to her what it meant. Even I was having trouble reading because the smell of the most likely hard liquor was?getting to my head. hahaha ok if she couldn’t read, what the helllllllllllll was she doing at National Geographic? I guess she was just looking at the pictures…lol Oh how I love D.C. 🙂

For All of You Lefty Myspacers

Good Thursday to you all. If it’s been anything like my week, you need a little nifty post.

If you’re on Myspace like every teenager, FBI agent and pervert, and well can’t wait until the next election – for all of you Bush-haters, it’s win-win. He can’t run again…A little piece of code you can download by clicking here, you can add the timer below to your Myspace page. Enjoy!

And for all of you Republicans out there…just look at it as an election countdown. All political parties are welcome here 😉


Hello all!

Just a quick update on the money we’ve collected so far this year, $465.00. That’s up from $400 from July 1rst.

You can contribute any amount over $5, any time you choose to. Help us to raise $1,000 dollars by the end of the year.

Thanks again,


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