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Best Laptop Accessories

So you’ve just bought your little sister a laptop for her first year of college. Thing is that your very own college years are not to far behind you and you’re not making the big bucks yet. Everyone keeps hearing about your big purchase and wants to help out, and why not?

To make life a bit easier on you, we here at aop1980 decided to come up with our list of the best laptop accessories, for those aunts, uncles, brothers, and others who like to help you out.

  1. A Lock (around $25-$40) – This is probably the first thing that should enter your mind if anyone asks what they can get to aide in the laptop purchase because a stolen laptop is not the best way to start the semester.
  2. A Nice Laptop Backpack Case (about $40) – These days only old men carry laptop cases. All of the cool kids carry their laptops in backpacks. I recommend Swiss Gear – the same guys who bring you Swiss Army knives – backpacks. The are strong, sturdy, and offer a fully padded laptop pouch. The lifetime warrenty doesn’t hurt either.
  3. A USB Flash Drive (roughly $20)– You know those little key chain doodads so your student can keep term papers, study notes, and bar tabs portable. Think of these as the modern floppy disk. Anything 128Mb and higher will work for most college student needs.
  4. Blank CDs (also known as CD-R; $15) – They’ll need these to save their *ahem* math homework and biology projects when they turn them in for class. Note: College students may find other things to burn to CD as well.
  5. A Cheap Webcam (about $25) – You’ll want to see your precious kids face from time to time won’t you?
  6. A Microphone (about $10) – How about hear their voice and check up on things, that too right?

With his/her new laptop and these accessories, your new college freshman will be good to go with all of their basic computing needs. Other suggestions are welcome 🙂

Cat Attack in Wyoming!

From winky:
alllllright, so were in Ogallala Nebraska.? we passed through Wyoming, but didn’t stop.

kitty tried to kill stephanie by jumping under the gas pedal.? that scared her? so bad her shirt turned into a wife-beater.

we’ll send pictures when we can…

The Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets

I saw this on lifehacker and thought it was pretty neto, ‘specially for L’avant Poste. Enjoy!

What’s the absolute best time to purchase a ticket directly from the airlines? Turns out it’s Wednesday from midnight to 1a.m. in the time zone of the airline’s “home base.” (For instance, Delta is headquartered in Utah Atlanta and United currently calls Chicago home.)

Why? That’s when the computer systems of most airlines get rid of the reserved but unbooked lower fare reservations. Most of us at one time or another have booked a reservation, then let it go without purchase. Snap-up these discounted fares right after this happens and you’re likely to get a significant discount.


Baltimore Teaches Us Words

Like “pedestrian.” Is that what those are??? Thanks for the arrow Baltimore!

Fredo and “V” (pick a name V!) came down from NY to learn some vocabulary from our Maryland friends!

How about “Terrapin“? A big turtle whos urine tastes like wine!


We also learned that “Baltimorean” is a word…

and that Jesus H Christ himself plays for the Baltimore Orioles!

Finally, segergation based on sexual orientation is “OK” if you just name a street after them. For example:

A great day all in all I must say. You can view all of the pictures by clicking here!
oh, and fredo, could you post a link to the pictures your guys took, that would be scrumptious

Where Have We Blogged From?

Since we’ve been getting hits from all over the world, and most visitors to L’avant Poste are fond of traveling, I thought it be a good idea to keep track. We’ve now got an interactive map to track all of the places we’ve blogged for If you’re going somewhere in the world, or a state in America, send us a small post about it.

We’ll put it up on the site, and get to shade in your little corner of the planet. If any of your friends go, they can send a few lines too…just let them know! Send an email (the “Contact” link at the top of this page).

You can see the humble map now!

Thank you all 🙂

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