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The Best Comments Of The Month: March 2010

There were some excellent tips in the comments this past month and these are a few of the best comments from March. If you’ve never left a comment before, why don’t you give it a try and say hello and where you are at the moment? Don’t be shy – I’d love to hear from you. Ian E O dishes out a lot of good advice on choosing the right backpack, adding that what you need for a week is all you need for a long trip. When traveling check out the local markets Audrey suggests; in many places they’re where you can see the cross-section of rich and poor. Congratulations to Jen Laceda who recently gave birth and may have experienced her first set of contractions due to these danishes in Denmark. Sherry Ott tells me I just missed the Amazing Race pit stop at the Beatles statue on the Reeperbahn, where the Fab 4 spent many of their early years. Driving on the German autobahn is so fun Bernie and 8 of his buddies from Canada go there every year to drive around and visit some car museums. The Jetpacker points out that included in a free visit to the Reichstag is a free audio guide that points out landmarks and takes you through the history of the iconic building. Chris has it right, don’t be fooled...

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Traveler’s Delight In The Heart Of The Marrakesh Medina, Riad Ghallia

The Riad Ghallia is a guest house located in the heart of the old city, or medina of Marrakesh. Its location in the medina, affordable prices, and knowledgeable owner make it an interesting place to stay, as opposed to the newer hotels outside of the medina walls. Finding budget accommodations in Marrakesh isn’t always easy – there aren’t too many hostels around – and the ones that are there vary quite a bit in terms of service and location. The 5-room Riad Ghallia is a charming guest house and while not the cheapest of accommodations (rooms begin at $25 a night), gives you a nice look at life inside the medina walls. It was a pleasant surprise to stay there on my recent trip to Marrakesh and the Riad Ghallia combines luxury and simplicity quite elegantly. The Experience The Riad Ghallia is a 15 minute walk from the main square in Marrakesh’s old city – that is, if you know where you’re going. Whether you’re taking a taxi there (which drops you off at the nearby Mokhef market) or attempting to find it for the first time from the square you’ll endure a journey to find it. It can be daunting at first, especially as you are approached by numerous children offering you misleading directions. It’s one of the 4 scams of Marrakesh but after a day or two...

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The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2010: Championship

It’s been a fun ride over the past 5 weeks, from the preliminary round through the Elite 8 to last week’s Final Four being decided in the closing minutes of voting. Paris had been rolling over the competition and was back and forth with Istanbul before eventually losing despite putting up a great fight. Now Istanbul and the quiet underdog Zermatt meet in the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2010 Championship. You can decide who wins the best city title this year and the $100 prize by voting now below. The poll is open until this Friday, April 2nd 12pm US EST. Those of you reading through RSS or my daily email will need to click through to the site to vote. You can take a look at the entire bracket so far below (or see the larger version). The winner will be determined on Friday, April 2nd 2010. Missed this contest? I run a number of large and small contests throughout the year. Take a look at some previous competitions and prizes and find out about my next contest first by signing up to my bi-monthly newsletter. Receive email updates: [top photo by:...

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7 Things You Can Really Do Without To Save Money While Traveling

There are the practical ways to save money when traveling, like looking for a cheap hostel, using hostel alternatives, and figuring out the best places to travel on a weak dollar. Then there are other ways to skimp and save that don’t sound as fun but will save you things in addition to quite a bit of money. There are some things you can really do without, or at least do without when your budget gets tight. 1. Lunch One of the most important things to look for in a hostel or hotel is a good breakfast so you can load up before you head out for the day. It’s easier to forget about a full lunch when you’re out exploring and on a full stomach. Cutting out this meal in addition to a simple hotel room workout are good ways to keep in shape and avoid gaining a little extra cargo too. 2. Luggage You can make do without checking in any baggage – at least most people can. I can’t speak for family travelers but even on the longest trips most people can stick to a single carry on by packing like a stripper. You never need as much as you think you do. 3. Alcohol Alcohol in many parts of the world is taxed quite heavily and you pay a premium for it. You also don’t...

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The Little Mermaid On Ice, Copenhagen

It seems every time I go to Copenhagen, I end up at the statue of The Little Mermaid. There isn’t much there and the tiny statue surprises most people on their first visit. The statue itself is a replica of the real thing which is hidden at an undisclosed location but it’s emergence as a political symbol is interesting. It’s been vandalized many times, probably because it’s so close to the edge of the water. Typically the vandalism is in correlation to some political statement and the Danish government has talked about moving it out further into the harbor, although it doesn’t seem likely to happen in the near future. You’ll find large crowds at the statue during the warmer months but there wasn’t anyone around when The Little Mermaid was found chilling in ice. I hope she’s warmer now. You can see my entire album from Copenhagen last month or enjoy a few danishes in...

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Data Security On The Road and Budgeting For Your Next Trip

I was recently interviewed by Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo about protecting your laptop and sensitive information abroad. I worked as a professional hacker for nearly 6 years before taking my act on the road and it was fun to talk security again. Too many travelers don’t take the few simple measures that would protect their information from thieves and governments who can easily access the data on your laptop. The article outlines some of my tips and advice and if you’re interested in data security and backups, I think you’ll find the article useful. Also, I just published an interview with Laurie Tighe on the Tech Guide For Travel about a very useful tool for travelers called Budget Your Trip. It’s a tool that uses data from other travelers to estimate budgets and costs for cities and countries around the world. If you’ve ever spent hours trying to figure out how much to set aside for daily expenses on your next trip to India for example, Budget Your Trip is for you. [photo by:...

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