Supposing little green (or gray) aliens decided to come to your house – not to abduct you – but to find out what to do on during their Earth vacation. It turns out their intergalactic boss only gave them 48 hours of leave on their way to star Wolf 359. They’ve got access to transporters and distance isn’t an issue, they can be anywhere they want in minutes and will take you with them.

What would you recommend an alien see or do to get a feel for Earth and humanity within 48 hours?

ET toy

The Earth is a big place and human beings are complex; not to mention we’re not the only species on the planet. How do you introduce us, collectively, to those who would know nothing about us. Would you go to iconic touristic places like the Taj Mahal or perhaps around New York City? Also don’t forget about the food – our extraterrestrial friends like to eat.

I’d love to hear how you’d conduct your intergalactic tour in such a short time frame – and would appreciate your comments below. I’ll round up some of the most creative and share them with you in a week or two.

[photo by: massdistraction (ET toy)]