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Thanks to many of your friendly fingers, I get a lot of appreciated discussion, advice, and helpful information in the comments section under each of my posts. (Over 17,742 since I began blogging.) The comments are my favorite part of foXnoMad – it’s where you help bring the site to life – but as the conversations grow, you may find it can be a little difficult to sort through them all.

Comments Are Now Listed By Your (Anonymous) Vote

You’ll notice a small green and red arrow in the lower right corner of every comment that wasn’t there before. Previously, comments were listed in chronological order but from now on they’ll be ordered by the total number of votes (up or down). You can vote on as many comments as you like and don’t have to log in or do anything special to vote (aside from click an arrow). Plus they’re anonymous so nobody, including me, can see that you like my dorky GIF replies.

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Hopefully through the gray underworld of anonymous Internet consensus the best comments on any given post will rise to the top. (And if you think your comment is the best, well, you can vote on that too.) You’ll be able to see the most clever, informative, funny, useful comments faster; and jump into the conversations more easily.

Old Live Chats Back To Life

puppies yawningSpeaking of hoppin’ discussions from frequent-flyer-mile-hacking to whether or not your wanderlust is a sign of insanity, the comments are now open again on all my previous live chats. Before, the comments sections would close after the scheduled chat times but many of my guests wanted to come back to leave no question unanswered. Going forward, I’ll leave it up to the guest if they want to hang around or return to a thread after they’ve ‘officially’ ended – which might work out better for you too – if you’ve ever missed a chat you really wanted to participate in.

  • Next Q&A This Thursday: Jan. 9th 4pm-7pm US EST With Two Nap Experts – From Harvard Medical School and Stanford, respectively, Justin Lee and Neil Joglekar will be taking any and all of your questions on how to beat jet lag, get some shuteye on a flight, plus everything else you want to know about getting efficient rest while traveling.
In-Depth Travel And Tech: The foXnoMad Podcast Is Ready For Your Next Trip

Feed Me Your Feedback On How I Can Make This Site Better

Content, photos, or anything else – what you like to see from this blog and blogger to make it more interesting, pretty, or generally kick ass? I look forward to reprogramming my mental GPS based on your comments, especially the highest rated ones, below.

Thank you for your time as always, sincerely,