Traveling long distances, even in the relative comfort of modernity, is an exhausting process which disrupts our circadian rhythms making it hard to sleep enough. This temporal squeeze on slumber has brought back the popularity of napping but it can be a difficult skill to master if you approach it like sleeping through the night.

justin lee napwellJustin Lee is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and PhD Candidate in a joint program with Harvard Medical School. He’s also the co-founder of 1337arts.com where he sent cameras to the edge of space, as well as a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow.

neil joglekar world economic forumNeil Joglekar is Stanford graduate who co-founded ReelSurfer, and is the San Francisco Curator for Globals Shapers of the World Economic Forum.

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Both Justin and Neil have teamed up to create the Napwell, the world’s first sleeping mask designed for nappers which is now on Kickstarter. (Justin’s wife Diana handles their Twitter account @napwell.) Justin and Neil will be sharing more about the Napwell as well as answering your questions about jet lag, napping on flights, and anything else you want to know about getting good rest on short time frames or weird schedules in the comments below. I’ve also got a surprise for you there once the live chat begins…