michael wiggeWhen most of us think about creating a digital travel budget to reduce costs so we can see more places for less, we typically don’t consider bartering as a means to go anywhere. But that’s exactly what my live chat guest did in 2010, trading his way from an apple to a home in Hawaii in 42 steps, taking the scenic route around the world.

Author of How To Barter To Paradise, filmmaker and journalist Michael Wigge (pronounced wig-ee) first started as comedic travel reporter on MTV in Germany, and that’s the last time he ever stayed in one place.

Since then, the world has been his newsroom: from living with the native Yanomami Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest to fighting Sumo wrestlers in Japan. For the past decade, Wigge has been spinning around the globe reporting and producing in his trademark style: a hybrid of journalism and comedy. Culture is what drives him to travel and meet others and he is fascinated by the similarities and differences that make the world hum.

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Michael will be joining us on Friday (a slight change in the schedule) from 2pm-5pm US EST, which gives you some extra time to ask him about his money-less journey and how the lessons he learned can help you cut costs on your next vacation. All of the action takes place in the comments below so don’t be shy and ask away!