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You might not know a lot about the country of Georgia, a lot of which is due to the fact that it’s hidden in a part of the world that doesn’t often make headlines. Georgia is a country that shouldn’t be a travel afterthought, especially in the near future, because pretty soon it’s going to be a destination you’ll be sharing with many more travelers.

Since 2010, tourism to Georgia has almost tripled, so if you’re looking for a place to visit that still feels a bit like you’re discovering it before everyone else, here are 6 reasons you should consider Georgia, probably within the next 2 years.

1. Georgia Has All The Things That Make A Travel Destination Great

In case you’re wondering what the catch is, well, for Georgia, there isn’t one. Georgia is a safe, stable country with walk-able cities full of history and inexpensive, unique foods. Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is fairly easy to fly to as most major carriers like Lufthansa have direct flights.

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2. Winters Aren’t That Cold

Being in the Caucasus (even having been to Georgia in the winter) it’s hard to get out of the notion that Georgia isn’t a 70,000 square kilometer (~27,000 sq. mile) ice cube during the winter months. Similar to not-so-cold Iceland, Georgian winters are chilly but not unbearably freezing. Tbilisi for example in December is an average of 7 Celsius (45 Fahrenheit). Still too cold? Temperatures in summer average in the upper 20s C (~85F).

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3. Free Entry To Many Touristic Sites

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Many of the popular places to visit like very solemn Metekhi Church, Tiflis Avenue Art Gallery, and Stalin’s bizarre birth home, are free of charge.

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4. Georgia Is Inexpensive

Although the prices in Georgia, particularly Tbilisi, are trending slightly upwards, you can still get a nice dinner out for around $9 USD. Private hostel rooms at Old Town Hostel are about $36 a night; given these medians if you really want to travel cheap or splurge, you’ve got plenty of room on both ends of the budget spectrum.

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5. Good, Varied, And Unique Cuisine

Georgian food is a mix of Turkish, Balkan, Russian, and Persian flavors not to mention they make damn good wine too.

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6. Transportation Within Georgia Is Straightforward

For those of you who enjoy travel by train, you can get to Batumi (wine on the Black Sea coast on an overnight sleeper for $8 a person. There’s also a good bus system, inexpensive as well, for nearby cities you may want to explore plus Georgian Airways has local flights too.

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7. Not Many Tourists…Yet

As I mentioned earlier, Georgia has seen an increase from about 2 million tourists in 2010 to roughly 6 million in 2015. Georgia was the 49th most visited country in 2014, just under Sweden in overall tourists. For all of the reasons on this list – and much more – Georgia is likely to become a more popular place to travel.

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Still, in Georgia now you can feel a bit like you’re discovering things right before everyone else with a more personable experience often difficult to find in more tourist-crowded places. After a visit though you too will be asking why aren’t more people visiting Georgia, a question on its way to being dated soon. Still, there’s time to experience a little more of the best Georgia has too offer, but not long.