pennies in a bottleBudgeting big expenses is easier than accounting for spending on little things, and the opposite holds true as well.You may get small monetary gifts on special occasions, make a small amount of money from your travel blog, or win a $25 Travelocity gift card (like entry #9 in The Cheesiest Travel Photo Contest).

Spending a big sum of money is easy, but it’s usually hard to figure out how to spend a small gift. Amounts to small to cover an entire flight, but enough for an ubiquitous kitchen magnet.  I’m curious,

What creative ways do you save or spend for traveling the small amounts of unexpected money you get as gifts or find in your pockets?

$10 is a start, but what about $7, $2, or less? Does that money simply exist out of the budget (that is you spend it on a whim) or do you meticulously keep track of it for your next big night out? For me, it’s usually either or. I spend it as ‘free money’ or put it in savings right away.

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I’d like to hear your creative system for handling small amounts of money that pop up randomly from time to time as you travel.

[photo by: David Robert Wright]