pennies in a cupYou can use small amounts of unexpected money you get as gifts, find in the couch, or otherwise for traveling, provided you make the small effort it save it. Below are some of the responses I received when I asked,

What creative ways do you save or spend for traveling the small amounts of unexpected money you get as gifts or find in your pockets?”

  • Stephanie: All my money generally gets lumped together in one mass sum but these smaller bits are useful for buying things like guidebooks or other travel supplies.
  • Shannon: A friend donated cash to me while I was in Scotland for my trip and I very specifically used that money to see a Fringe show…with the extra $20 though I picked out one that I was sad that I wasn’t going to get to see, used the extra few dollars for a beer, and then enjoyed the heck out of it!
  • Akila: Now that we’re traveling, we put any change or extra amounts we find into a bag and then spend it on internet charges or laundry. It’s not particularly romantic or fun, but it works!
  • Mark H: I’m also a change in a jar (actually an old margarine container) person.
  • Quickroute: I’d buy beer but then I’m Irish – What d’ya expect!
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Considering we all tend to run into or accumulate these micro-quantities of spare money, it’s best to account for them in your simple travel budget.

[photo by: alamosbasement]