During the past 12 months I’ve posted nearly 60 articles on foXnoMad amounting to many thousands of words, most of which are colored with pictures taken with using my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10. One things you might not know about this site is that almost all of the photos used are taken by me and although they’re the minority compared to sentences, those pictures often have a big impact on you.

Based on a number of factors, including social media mentions, these are some of your favorite pictures I posted over the past year.

Bobsled Border: Photos Of Sarajevo’s Abandoned 1984 Winter Olympic Track

sarajevo bobsled

When the Olympics Games end the structures built to host them are often re-purposed, demolished, or left abandoned after the closing ceremony. Olympic villages are most often converted into housing, stadiums taken over by local sports teams. In the case of the Winter Olympics, many event-specific constructions like the bobsleigh track can’t be used for anything else but Sarajevo‘s leftover 1984 course was used to host the Luge World Cup – until it became a front in the 1991 Bosnian War. See the rest of the pictures here.

A Photo Essay Of One Of The World’s Most Neglected Tourist Destinations: Socotra Island

dragon blood tree socotra island

In the middle of the Arabian Sea off the coast of Somalia’s pirate waters, is the Yemeni archipelago Socotra. Of its 4 islands, the main Socotra island is one of the most remote, visually stunning, culturally intriguing, and least visited places on Earth. See more pictures from Socotra here.

What Donetsk, Ukraine Looked Like Right Before Civil War

The Oldest Cathedral In Scotland Says A Lot About Glasgow

donetsk ukraine before war

Huddled with a group of journalists a few hours after returning from Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, I’ll never forget one of them saying in a dead serious voice, “shit’s about to blow up here.” I couldn’t help but agree in what was my last night in Donetsk, where I spent several weeks, watching tensions rise as pro-Russian demonstrations became more frequent and fervent. See the rest of the pictures here.

Ford Asked Me To Find America’s Most Offbeat Road Trip Destinations In Their New 2015 Unminivan, Here’s Where I Went

extra terrestrial highway

There are few offers sweeter to a traveler than, here’s a new car and an open road: go find the most interesting places you can. I was handed the keys to Ford’s 2015 Transit Connect minivan mutated unminivan in Las Vegas right after the 2014 Star Trek Convention, aiming to combine the best science plus fiction stops along the way to Chicago. See the photos from the entire trip here.

You’ll Find One Of The World’s Best Coffee Shops In Sibiu, Romania

My 2018 Year In Travel Review

sibiu pardon cafe bistro

Somewhere along your travels there’s a chance of unwittingly stumbling upon what you’ll soon realize is a perfect cafe. Positioned near the old fortress walls of 2013’s best city to visit Sibiu, Romania is Pardon Cafe And Bistro, where I shyly entered upon the recommendation of a local. See the rest of the pictures here.

Photos (Plus Video) Of Kiev’s Maidan As Revolution Simmers In Ukraine

kiev ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti is visually intimidating yet conversely welcoming for a city center that resembles a war zone. Translated into Independence Square, locals simply refer to it as Maidan, a word that has grown to carry with it deep connotations in Ukraine. See the rest of the pictures here.

Did I Miss Yours?

Another very popular set of photos were those of the costumes and cosplay from the 2014 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention where you can also see me practicing my bat’leth moves. To take a longer visual RTW trip you can browse through my country specific galleries and let me know your favorites I missed in the comments below. Happy New Year!