Slim wallets are a trimmed down to the realities of carrying money in the modern world. They’re focused on cards mainly, with little space for cash or coins since fewer of us pay with physical currency these days. Although they are svelte, three of the biggest slim wallet manufacturers all do things a little different in their design.

That’s not to say one is better than the other but as you can see in the video above between Ekster, Trove, and Ridge, here’s how to decide which one might be best for you.

Slimness: Winner, Ridge Wallet

Ridge wallets are two pieces of metal with an elastic band that holds both sides together. The metal, which comes in aluminum, titanium, or gold, is highly durable while also fitting into the Ridge ethos of minimalism. Ridge wallets are perfect for people who carry mainly cards although they do have an optional money clip or cash strap for bills. There’s no place for coins and receipts or other odd papers.

Runner Up: Ekster Aluminum Wallet

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The Aluminum Wallet [full review] has a slick trigger that displays your cards in paper fan fashion making them easily accessible. Ekster have also included a cash strap. Much like the Ridge, the Aluminum Wallet is slim; the major difference being its thickness is fixed, no matter how many cards you’re carrying.

Versatility: Winner, Ekster Parliament Wallet

The Parliament is almost a hybrid of a traditional fold wallet and a slim wallet. It’s got a fold, increasing the overall thickness but that gives you space for cards, cash, and receipts as well. You might be shopping for a wallet that’s trim but not excessively slim and the Parliament fits that niche well.

Runner Up: Trove Wallet

The Trove Wallet is a highly configurable design which three pockets based on an internal fold. You’ve got plenty of space for cards, as well as a small crease for cash or receipts, all in a slimmer form factor than the Parliament.

Price: Winner, Trove

The Trove line of wallets, including the Coin Caddy and Cash Strap, start at 30 British pounds (roughly $40). Compare that to the Ridge, which run around $125 and up, or the Ekster line in the $80 range. Trove are least expensive slim wallet option of the three by a considerable margin.

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Which Is The One For You?

Depending on your needs or who you’re shopping for the Ridge is a higher-end wallet with a focus on minimalism. Ekster tend to make slim wallets for people who like the traditional feel and look of a folding wallet, whereas Trove is a creative take on slim wallets for people who want versatility in a small package.

You can watch the videos above to see more details about each of these slim wallets. If you’re new to slim wallets, no matter which one you go with, it will take a week or so to get used to one. After that you’ll wonder how you ever carried a bulky traditional wallet at all.