What To See, Eat, And Do In Sibiu, Romania

January 14, 2014 by Anil Polat  

sibiu piata mica

Small towns like Sibiu tend to get overlooked as mere hopping off points that can be skipped over entirely. A statistically unassuming city literally in the middle of Romania, Sibiu is a fortress city that holds its own for travelers heading to mountainous border of Transylvania. Voted by you as The Best City to Visit in 2013, here are the best parts of Sibiu not to be missed.

Where To Stay

Visiting in the middle of winter I had my pick of hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. The one that eventually caught my eye however was Pension Zanzi, a close 5 minute walk from the historic city center. Inside, Zanzi has the cozy feel of a cottage with large wooden beams featuring prominently holding the structure together. The staff also went out of their way to be helpful – in one instance locating a gym for me when I asked and then driving me there on the first day to make sure I would find it.

pension zanzi sibiu romania

The rooms tend to vary in quality, but for the rates around 112 Romanian lei ($35 USD) a night, Pension Zanzi’s a bargain for a single room with a more local feeling than the larger hotels across town. Alternatively, if Zanzi is booked up, take a look at the newly opened Welt Kultur Hostel which came highly recommended from knowledgeable locals.

Crossing From Big Square To Little

Sibiu is a small city travelers can mentally organize around the Big Square (Piata Mare) and Small Square (Piata Mica) adjacent to it. Basically everywhere to see is within a 3.5 kilometer radius; aside from the outdoor ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, you can get everywhere on foot. Inside town there’s theΒ Brukenthal Museum – containing paintings by Romanian artists with additional fees to access the second wing of the museum featuring a larger collection of European art.

astra outdoor museum sibiu romania

Though you’ll really have to love portrait paintings or museums to enjoy the Brukenthal, the ASTRA is worth the 20 minute, 1.5 lei ($0.50) ride to the last stop on bus 13. The model homes aren’t anything special – especially if you’ve ever seen one of the countless villages in eastern Europe – it’s the 10 acre backdrop of the lake and forest that will capture your senses.

Entrance is 15 lei ($4.50) to the ASTRA which, doubles as one hell of a jogging trail if there’s no ice on the ground.

  • Budget Breakfast – Although its touristy nature doesn’t make it a popular choice for locals, if you’re like me and need lots of fairly-tasty calories in the morning, head to Casa Frieda. For around 45 Romanian lei ($13.50) you can get an omelet, salad, soup, bread, drink, and side dish. Then watch your waitress’ shocked look as you consume it all.
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sibiu christmas market romania

Afterward you might want a dose of caffeine or shot of lung cancer as Sibiu has a glorious cafe culture in a country where 26% of the population smokes. To go along with the sultry fog of carbon monoxide in the air are refreshing waves of free wireless, some of the world’s fastest, available pretty much anywhere.

  • Pardon Cafe & Bistro – Quickly became one of my favorite cafes in the world for its ambiance, food, coffee, and wine. Often the managers or owners will be walking around to show you around Pardon, if they do, tell them hello from me.
  • Baroc Cafe – Less than a quarter of the size of the smallest cafe in Sweden, I almost walked out because I was confused when I first entered. Baroc holds about 8 people, including the server, comfortably, ensuring you’ll never have to wait for your espresso.
  • Bistro Salut – Although the decor is distinct, you’ll notice the similarities to its larger cousin Pardon Cafe right next door.
  • Mustache Caffe – A good mix of liveliness, fast Internet, and size for a short coffee break or few hours of working for you digital nomad and business traveler types.

Assuming you’ve still got some wind let, climb to the top of Council Tower (Turnul Sfatului; entrance 5 lei) to get the best views of Sibiu. Your camera however, will have to content with the annoying panes of glass between you and amazing shots.

Church Hop To Liar’s Bridge

Much like cafes, there are no shortage of churches in Sibiu to visit. Since it’s not quite as fun to indulge in church-visiting burnout as it to drunk drink your way around town, you can narrow your selection to these holy buildings.

Holy Trinity Cathedral sibiu romania

  • Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cathedral – Despite being one of the largest churches in Sibiu that sits right in Piata Mare, once you’re inside you’ll wonder how such a building can hide in plain sight.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral – Designed after the 1,477 year old Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, if the interior artwork doesn’t grab you, the solemn prayer might draw you in to contemplate more than physical brick and stone.
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Unfortunately the impressive Evangelic Chruch in Piata Mica has been closed for renovations for over a year. Rather, wander a bit to find Biscerica Azilului as you cross The Bridge Of Lies. According to local legend, Liar’s Bridge will collapse if a fib is told on it. Given that it’s been standing since 1859, it would seem the residents (or at least, boyfriends) of Sibiu are tactfully trustworthy.

crama ileana sibiu romaniaWhere To Eat In Sibiu

Visually, Sibiu is a difficult place to discern good, local food. Not that there isn’t any but a casual walk along the pedestrian Strada Nicolae Balcescu showcases overpriced eateries whose clientele don’t know any better than to keep looking. Right beyond the old fort walls of The Citadel of Sibiu is, in my opinion, one of the best places to eat in town.

  • Crama Ileana – Authentic Romanian cuisine in a welcoming environment floating just below street level, if you’re in Sibiu, you need to eat in this restaurant that looks more expensive than it is. A large meal, sides, soup, plus glass of wine will run you about 60 lei ($18).
  • Tango Grill – A good mix of Romania and Western dishes done very well, its location in Piata Mica – or reputation make – it a bit more expensive than it should be.

Going back to a favorite of mine, Pardon Cafe also has a noteworthy kitchen and pizza oven.

Tiny To Its Advantage

Many said, “Sibiu’s too small” or “you’re visiting at a bad time of year” when I arrived early December in Romania’s 18th largest city. Honestly though, those were two of the aspects I enjoyed most about Sibiu. The Christmas market in the middle of Piata Mare brought the frigged evenings to life. Strolling through the warm lights scented with spiced wines, my surroundings were devoid of other tourists, who generally prefer to visit during the warmer months for festivals, giving the sense I had Sibiu all to myself –Β  which was an honor to have of The Best City to Visit in 2013.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Romania is one of those countries I have on the back burner because I want to spend significant time there and have yet to find a way to fit that into my schedule. The more I read about it, the more I want to go RIGHT NOW. Your pictures are truly an inspiration to get there NOW.

  2. Adrian says:

    Thank you for visit Sibiu!

  3. Corinne says:

    I, too, have been eating up Romania posts…I need to get there soon. Great info to catalog…thanks.

  4. Stephen says:

    Between you and Wandering Earl raving about Romania, I have finally put it on my travel schedule for 2014. Planning to go there in April, I think will still not be too busy by that time.

  5. Julia says:

    We stayed at Pension Zanzi while in Sibiu and it was one of the biggest rooms we’ve ever had. We also ate at Crama Ileana and it was much better Romanian food than we’d had in Brasov. Can definitely recommend both of these two.

  6. Wow, that looks so much like the Czech Republic in the first photo. So many bloggers are raving about Romania at the moment. I’m planning to be in Europe in September so might have to drop in.

    • Anil Polat says:

      There’s a lot to see in the rest of the country as well and finding direct flights to Bucharest shouldn’t be too difficult from Europe. One there, it’s pretty easy to get around to Romania’s other cities by bus or train.

      • Bogdan says:

        Hey everyone
        I’m from Sibiu and in the summer Sibiu is the best in Romania
        Please don’t forget that we have nice clubs(romanian peopele are good to party:))))
        and very nice girls(people)
        So you can eat, drink, party and visit a lots of place in Sibiu and near( you can swimm in salt water in Ocna sibiului who has the third salt lake in the world for ex)
        You can claim Fagaras mountain 2435 m- the view is …. and Balea lake montain by car where the road Transfagarasn is.(from top gear).Each one is no more than one or two hourse by car in Sibiu county.
        Thanks Anil

  7. Gayla says:

    I am determined to visit Romania at least once in this lifetime. Thanks for these tips and beautiful pics from Sibiu.

  8. Adrian Banu says:

    Glad you enjoyed Sibiu, Anil and, once again, thanks for letting others know about this city and what it has to offer.


  9. It’s always a thrill to see so many people having good words to say about Romania…going beyond the usual bad news and reports…discovering the authentic charm os the country. Thank you!

  10. Hannah says:

    Wow the blog looks really amazing and the romania too. Too bad we are not going to that side of the world. YET.

  11. Katherine says:

    Hi there, wonderful picture, inspired me to do an beatiful edit in Photoshop.Let me know if I have your permission to post it on my facebook page, and mention that is yous.No commercial use.Thank you!

  12. Enjoy your “holiday” here and come back soon with your friends.

  13. Barbara says:

    Sibiu looks and sounds wonderful! Our son-in-law visited there and he raved about it, I think it’s time for us to take a trip to Sibiu too! Loved your photos too!