Some travelers shun plans and wing every part of their trips – and you can continue to do so, while focusing your limited plans, to have more time for your impulsiveness. If you’re a traveler without a plan, these 4 minimal-planning-required preparations will save you money, time, and often a headache or two.

1. Getting From The Airport To Where You’re Staying

It can be fun to try a new or challenging mode of transportation when visiting a new city. A simple Google search or phone call to your hotel or hostel though can give you an idea of how much it will cost, what your options are, how long it might take, and what you can expect. It’s also a good idea to have an address or some basic walking directions with you in case you don’t get dropped off quite where you expected.

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2. Basic Currency Conversion

Again, this is where some simple Google hacking can come in handy. Find out how much your local currency is worth at your destination and what the symbol for that currency is. The US dollar sign ($) and variations on the British Pound symbol (₤) are common and can be confusing if you’re unaware. Along with the symbol, find out some common costs for things you might typically buy (bread, soda, bottle of water, etc.) to get a better idea of how much those bills are really worth.

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3. Learn A Few Words

You don’t need to know an entire language or every bit of the local jargon to visit a new region or country, but not knowing (or using) any thing can make you feel quite the outsider. It might also help you out when bargaining or perhaps trying to make new friends so get started with these 4 word combinations you shouldn’t neglect to translate and make use of one of the many free online language resources.

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4. Buy A Universal Adapter

Incredibly cheap, universal adapters convert most any electronic connection to another. You don’t want to be bumbling around for electrical socket connectors, and won’t have to with a universal adapter (best get two for a backup). Purchasing plug adapters from airports are expensive and locally difficult, since they’re often designed to work outside of that particular country.

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Create The Structure At Home, Improvise On The Road

By setting up a even the most vague road map of your next trip before you leave, you’ll see and do more even with a minimal planning style. Rather than transforming yourself into a good planner, make your laziness more efficient.

These minimal preparations will hone your travel stress, especially if planning stresses you out. No matter what your travel style though you can harmonize your planning and spontaneity to get just the right amount of preparation that makes you comfortable while still saving you money and time.

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