billsThere are still places you can go with US dollars and get a great deal. The list is changing and 5 former best places to travel on a weak dollar are no longer on the original list. Places like the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Turkey can’t really be considered cheap destinations, but many of their neighbors are filling in the gaps.

  • Romania – Visit the coast of the Black Sea for less than either Greece or Turkey can offer. From Bucharest stop off in Brasov, a well preserved medieval town centrally located between ski resorts, the Black Sea, and Moldova (also friendly to your dollar).
  • Northern Cyprus – Although you’ll have to fly through Turkey, Northern Cyprus is one very cheap section of Mediterranean coastline, along with Croatia.
  • bintanNicaragua – TravelHouseUk says Nicaragua is the “poor man’s Costa Rica.” Flights to Managua are cheap and your dollar goes a long way there. Don’t fall into the ‘resort’ trap though, and explore the 6,000 year old city of Huellas de Acahualinca, active volcanoes at the Volcán Masaya National Park, and the largest protected rain forest in Central America, Reserva de Biosfera Bosawás.
    • Some parts of Nicaragua, especially the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) may be dangerous. Follow these tips on staying safe abroad and consider a guided tour if traveling alone.
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  • Indonesia – Beautiful beaches, a year-round tropical climate, and over 17,000 islands to explore, this moderate Muslim country is being embraced by Europeans increasingly but still devoid of Americans. Don’t let outdated State Department travel warnings deter you however, the country is relatively safe and you’ll get approximately 9,000 rupiah to the dollar.
  • Cambodia – Thailand has become a bustling tourist destination driving the costs up. Cambodia, right across the border offers similar beaches, food, and hiking opportunities for about half the price. The Cambodian currency, the Riel, is based on the dollar.
  • Colombia – As Big Web Travel tells us Colombia is a Caribbean gem which remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. Consider also combining your trip to Columbia with a frenemy boat trip to Ecuador, whose currency is also tied to the US dollar which makes it a bargain.
  • Iceland – Within the last two weeks, Iceland’s three major banks have failed, the krona has dropped 25% against the dollar, and its economy is on the verge of bankruptcy. Flights to Iceland have already begun dramatically dropping since then as are food and hotel costs. Right now you can get a round-trip flight (from the US), with hotel included for 3 nights starting at $500.
    • Don’t expect the deals to last for more than a year or two however, Iceland is poised to likely make a strong economic rebound.
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Africa is notoriously missing from this list, although there are plenty of countries on the continent that I’ve covered before like South Africa and Morocco. Many former places to travel on a weak dollar have given rise to their bordering neighbors. Turkey too expensive? Check out Azerbaijan, or Vietnam instead of Thailand.

You will always be able to find a good deal in any country by moving out from the big cities, beach towns, and tourist traps and living like a local.

[photos by: velo_city, stupz]

EDITED [10/15]: I almost overlooked Iceland, needing some travel income to help their ailing economy.