According to the website ranking authority Alexa, foXnoMad is most popular (relatively speaking) in the Swedish city of Boras. For this fact alone I decided to stop in the city last August while traveling between Gothenburg east to Boxholm, Sweden. I was expecting a tiny, quiet town but discovered Boras to be very cosmopolitan and delightfully active. These are a few pictures from around Boras, a city of 64,000, located 60 kilometers east of Gothenburg.

Boras Tingsratt (District Court)

Perhaps appropriately, there was a political demonstration in the square right in front of the Boras Tingsratt.

boras tingsratt district court

Knallen Statue By Arvid Knoppel

This statue, whose name means “bang”, stands at the entrance to one of the busier cafe streets in Boras; although a dog shortly before this picture didn’t think so. (Either that or he liked it so much he decided to mark it as his own.)

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knallen statue arvid knoppel boras sweden

Caroli Church

As seen from a distance, the Caroli Church – the oldest building in Boras.

caroli church boras sweden

Svenska Handelsbanken

There is nothing exceptional about this branch of Handelsbanken, one of Scandinavia’s largest banks, except for the lovely exterior. You’ll find 460 other branches in Sweden alone.

handelsbanken boras sweden

“Declination” By Tony Cragg

One of the many pieces of artwork you’ll find throughout Boras.

declination tony craig boras sweden

Boras was legally brought into existence by the Swedish King Gustav II Adolf who also happened to found Gothenburg back in the early 1600s. Perhaps it’s the fact that Boras is Sweden’s version of Silicon Valley (among others Ericsson is headquartered there) or the diverse population that made me connect so much with this Swedish city. They obviously have good taste in travel blogs (if I do say so myself) and Boras is a city I could see myself living out at some point, despite the dreadful exchange rate.

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You can see a bit more from Boras in my gallery here.