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Somewhere over the the past 6 years of inciting riots in Canada, figuring out Bulgarians nod backward, and visiting haunted Egyptian palaces, I set the long-term goal of visiting every country in the world. Not as a race but rather a steady march toward a defined objective, though I’m not sure using the entire planet as a boundary was very limiting. The world is a big place – the only place – we can travel, unless I can convince an aerospace engineer to send me into orbit.

Although I’ve been to over 60 countries, my progress lately has stalled. There’s a lot to experience within the arbitrary borders on a map and it’s hard to cover it all. The scent of Copenhagen’s breakaway neighborhood Christiania is enticing and I could move to Romania for their Usain Bolting Internet speeds, at least until winter rolls in at either place. I’ll be back in Spain two weeks from now for the third time, if you’ve ever eaten there, you know exactly why.

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Words And Whims

Thanks to all of you, this blog has grown from an obscure meeting place for my friends who detested writing, to being read by thousands of travel-tech junkies daily. All of our journeys begin between our ears (you can argue they never leave) but any motion requires more focus than fuel. I’ve been struggling for words lately, looking for inspiration that’s been sitting right in front of me, but not on my keyboard. Fascination and fear, the ingredients to any inspiration worthwhile, is sitting just beyond our comfort zones. That’s where I’m going next. My zone, not yours, unless you’ve got an open bar.

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Traveling, A Head

Anything worth beginning deserves a proper ending, I’ve spun the globe and am picking spots. As you’ve always been, you’re invited along for the ride. For those of you who’ve been feeling a bit fox-blog lost lately, let’s reconnect in the comments below. Where are you headed and what has sparked your imagination of late? If you let me know, I’ll put down the Kalashnikov, which many of you pointed out on my foXnoMad Facebook page, I’m not holding properly 😉