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Whatever religion you practice or don’t, it’s likely you’ll be shopping for someone between now and the end of 2012. And, knowing you, some of those people are probably the cool, traveling type who can be hard to shop for since they like gadgets but don’t like carrying a lot of stuff. Fortunately though I’ve got you covered, with the best gifts, gadgets, and accessories for your vagabonding buddies, family members, and of course you sitting right there.

Laps And Tabs – The Best Computing Devices

best travel laptops 2012Those of you having trouble deciding between between the two can take a look at my answer to the question, should I buy a tablet instead of a laptop for my travels? If you happen to fall on the laptop side of that argument, I’ve narrowed down your choices to my favorites.

  • The Best Travel Laptops Of 2012– From netbooks and ultrabooks to full-sized 15-inch laptops, this collection of laptops should make your shopping decision a bit easier as I guide you to the right machine based on your needs and travel style.

As for tablets, you’re in a good time to go shopping for them, as there are great options and prices on the market right now. There are basically two varieties of tablets; the difference being drawn between smaller 7-inch and larger 9-inch screen sizes. Some of my favorite models on the available right now from both categories:

best travel tablets 2012Nook HD (7 and 9-inch versions available) – In my opinion, the most underrated eReader/tablet competitor. It’s got powerful hardware (1.3GHz OMAP 4470) and excellent screen resolution (1440×900 at 243ppi) – those specs only improve on the 9-inch version of the Nook HD. Especially if you’re on the market for an eReader or deciding between a Kindle (or iPad mini for that matter), and aren’t tied to any one online store, the Nook HD is the one I would go with.

  • Google Nexus 7 – Probably the least talked about 7-inch tablet on the market, which is surprising, since it’s simply solid overall.
  • iPad 3 – Don’t get the 4, it’s pretty much a gimmick that’s $50 or so more expensive. Also, if you’re looking for a 9-inch tablet, get an iPad; they created the category and rule it for a reason. The iPad mini, not so much.

You can also take a look inside of my own backpack to see all of the tech gear and gadgets I travel with for some ideas. They’re road tested and traveler-approved.

Luggage That Moves With You (How To Pick The Right Backpack)

osprey sojourn 25 inch 60 liter

  • Micro Luggage Scooter – There aren’t many bags out there that you can actually ride around the airport zipping to your gate whether you’ve got time to spare or are running late. Read my full review.
  • Osprey Sojourn 25-Inch 60 Liter (Pictured above.) – This hybrid backpack-rolling suitcase is my main back I take with me everywhere and what I keep all of my worldly possessions in. I rarely find myself needing to use the backpack straps (which tuck away nicely when not in use) but the option is nice when, say, on the bumpy side streets of New Delhi.
  • SwissGear Computer Backpack – The separate bag I use to keep my electronics in whenever I need to check or be separated from my main Osprey luggage. It’s got pockets within pockets upon pockets, perfect for any traveling techie.

Finally, the last backpack I carry actually sits inside of my bags, tightly packed into a ball as it’s designed to. The REI Stuff Travel Pack makes a wonderfully portable daypack, holding about 22 liters of your exploring essentials, like your camera when you’re out and about trekking around the mud volcanoes of Gobustan.

Boom, Snap, And Shot

For all of your traveling music lovers, help turn noise into sound, without the humming engine background.

You'll Have A Gun To Your Head If You Don't Follow These Rules When Visiting Area 51

v-moda vibe in-ear noise canceling headphoneHeadphones: V-MODA Vibe In-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone – I’ve had my particular (red) model of these V-MODA headphones for 4 years and can’t recommend them more for sound quality, durability, and noise reduction.

monster inspiration active noise cancellation headphonesMonster Inspiration Headphones With Active Noise Cancellation – Earlier in the year I traveled for 3 weeks around Asia with these headphones snugging caressing my ears. They’re high-end headphones but the sound quality is exceptional and any traveler who takes their tunes seriously will enjoy a pair of these.

Your travel memories are only as good as your travel photos and if you disagree with me now, just wait until you’re 80 years old. Arm your loved ones with the best digital cameras to get the job done.

panasonic lumix dmc-zs10Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 – The camera I’ve been using for the last 18 months or so and if you wander through my archives over that time and browse through the pictures, you’ll get an idea of what this camera can do. Check out my Photo Essay of The Alhambra in Spain or my Birthday Pictures of The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Since I picked up my DMC-ZS10, Panasonic has released an upgrade, lighter model, the Lumix ZS20.

xshot camera extender

xShot Camera Extender – This is easily one of the most useful and used items I carry in my backpack. The xShot not only lets you get photo angles you couldn’t otherwise without growing an extra meter in height, but makes it simple to get group or self photos without having to stretch your shoulder clean from its socket. The xShot fits standard on most camera types and is one of the best ways to take better travel photos without getting a better camera.

Save Money By Gifting Your Frequent Flyer Miles Directly

airplane windowYou can be generous and share you own miles, which makes for a great, inexpensive travel gift. But rather than outright transferring them to someone else’s frequent flyer account, you can save on fees by simply booking the flights directly for your friend or family member. Also, if you end up purchasing frequent flyer miles to gift them, try to keep them on one of these 3 alliances to maximize their usefulness for whomever you’re giving them too.

eBooks – The Best Is Now On Sale

ultimate tech guide for travelersThe Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 – Become a tech-savvy traveling digital ninja by learning the hacker secrets and tricks to make your gadgets versatile tools on the road. Save more that $100 within a year and get 6 months of free technical support by me (where else can you buy yourself a personal traveling tech consultant?) to help you with any topics covered. You’ll also get 3 months of free updates learn more than you ever knew possible about your laptop. Oh, and it’s on sale, 30% off right now!

motorcycle books8 Great Motorcycle Books That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust – You could very well infect the recipient of these books with a serious case of voyage-desire, that only has one cure.

How Backpack Liters Are Calculated

the hidden europeDiscovering The Hidden Europe With Author Francis Tapon – It’s rare to find a book that’s as educational and entertaining as this one is. I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europe Can Teach Us, and comparing notes from my own travels there.

I read often and a few good books I’ve recently enjoyed – that blend travel and tech – to add to this list are: The Pirates Of Somalia, A Little History Of The World, and The Signal and The Noise: Why Some Predictions Fail But Others Don’t.

Giving The Gift Of Geek

Please excuse me while I turn the geek dial all other way to its highest setting for the combined enjoyment of those nerdy travelers you’re shopping for right now. Ka’plah!

las vegas star trek convention klingons

long range wireless usb antennaLong Rang USB Antenna – You can’t give someone the Internet when they’re traveling but you can bring the wireless signals 3-5 times closer to them with one of these inexpensive laptop accessories.

Tickets To Geek Events – There are all kinds of conventions, fairs, and festivals for your nomadic geek buddies to attend. First though you’ll have to narrow down what kind of nerd you’re shopping for by checking out my list of the best places for nerds to travel.

albert einstein mousepadAlbert Einstein Mouse Pad – He goes with me everywhere, providing a smooth surface for my scrolling and offering a bit of wisdom and happy smile as needed.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger – Much like bandwidth, you can never have too many good electrical outlets. A sight that’s not incredibly common in many parts of the world or cafes either, so a Belkin Mini Surge Protector can help you make the most of an outlet when you find one.

Apps The Translate: SpeechTrans – You can combine the speech and text translating apps using SpeechTrans (Android and iOS) for $14,99. If you want to covert the functions of the other major translation apps into one, SpeechTrans may be a good fit as a gift.

High-Resistance Workout Cables – Your friends are probably not burning as many calories as they think sightseeing but these cables can help tip the scales in their favor. I travel with them for the days here and there I can’t make it to the gym, and turn any hotel into a gym with these quick 50 calorie killers.

And Finally, Gifts For Your Travel Blogging Friends

We’ve covered pretty much all kinds of techy travelers here but it would be a bit ironic for me to neglect the many other travel bloggers out there sharing their adventures with family and friends. They’re likely to appreciate a few new additions to their digital worlds and you can do that by gifting a SmugMug subscription for your photographic friends, purchasing some of their online hosting costs for the upcoming year on Media Temple, or surprising them with Aweber’s newsletter service for their fans. Additionally you can check out the blogging services I use on foXnoMad and consider one or some part of them for your travel blogging buddies, or self, as you shop into 2013.