lots of wine bottles

Earlier in the year I told you all that I’ll was going to be a good boss to myself by promising to take 6 weeks of annual leave. Well, I’ve been pretty crap about using it. I did take 2 weeks off in February but have been traveling, writing, and working on a number of side projects ever since. Sometime a few months ago I realized I still had 4 weeks of vacation time to use. And, although all at once, at a busy time of the year for foXnoMad isn’t the best demonstration of organization on my part (to be fair I rarely demonstrate that quality) I’m going to keep my promise to myself and go on vacation for the next 4 weeks.

My plans in 2013 will push my travels to new limits and I’ve still got to write about Japan (was there in September) and of course, Sarajevo. Ah, yes, plus China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia as well. Until then though there won’t be any new posts and I’ll be very slow to reply to emails and comments; without promising that I will until sometime in January.

Taking A Short Break On A Break

When I return I’ll have some news for you, fulfilling a request you’ve sent me often, plus a few other things that includes some changes here to the foX. Over the next 4 weeks however, I’ll be somewhere in quiet part of the world, trying not to look at these best travel search engines and book a flight somewhere.

Before I say goodbye for now, I know many of you still have some end of the year shopping to do. My recent post, What To Buy Your Traveling Friends (Or Self) This Holiday Season, should come in handy for all your traveling friends. Also, if you want to hire them a personal technical consultant for 6 months, my The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers Version 2.0 is now $19 – still including half a year of personal support from yours truly.

A Moment For An Update

I won’t be officially be “off” until sometime over the weekend as I catch up on emails; plus the occasional tweet and Facebook post as well. Until I return, I want to wish you the happiest travels and hope you’ll be back around when I start pecking at my keyboard again.

As always, travel smarter.