The Best Vegan Restaurant In Belgrade, Serbia

radost vegan belgrade

It’s hard to call something the “best” but Radost Fina Kuhinjica in Belgrade, Serbia serves excellent vegan and vegetarian dishes in an ambiance that would make it a great health-food restaurant anywhere. Radost is part of the very popular trend in the Balkans toward healthy, vegan, sugar-dairy-free foods in countries whose national dishes are often meats soaked in butter topped with cheeses.

Plan For An Afternoon

Radost is hidden across from the Belgrade Fortress and not the easiest place to find whether or not you’re using Google Maps. The restaurant is tucked away in an apartment, putting the first expression on people’s face a rather blank, “uuhhh, is this the place” look. Once inside though, you’ll see a cozy, renovated, vegetarian restaurant that looks nice without feeling arrogant about itself.

The aroma of the coffee though will set you immediately at ease. Radost’s caffeinated menu is varied with teas of all sorts plus coffees to give you a good afternoon kick. Although they officially open at 2pm, Radost serves drinks about an hour before. Like many vegan-vegetarian restaurants around the world, they’re not always the most punctual. Good coffee makes waiting for the daily menu – quite varied throughout the week – a bit easier.

belgrade vegetarian

There are Tex-Mex options, both in vegetarian and vegan varieties, Balkan salads, veggie burgers, plus cakes of all sorts – with or without processed sugar, depending on your preference. Lentil soups, eggplant dips, as well as many other traditional Serbian foods that are vegetarian by default are tweaked to become vegan if requested.

Breaking Bread, Or Some Equivalent

Radost, located at Pariska 3, is open from around 2pm-midnight on most days. They also hold occasional events in the evenings, though I didn’t make it to any, a good opportunity for travelers to meet similarly meat-minded locals. Prices are a bit above the average for Belgrade (not uncommon for most specialty restaurants) but Radost is hardly expensive.

radost belgrade

From the best restaurant in Pristina to A La Sante in Tirana, these vegetarian restaurants aren’t fortified vegan outposts on the other side of lines drawn in the sand as in many places. Rather, vegan cuisine is becoming an ever growing part of people’s occasional diets in the Balkans. In Belgrade, Radost is introducing an elegant, health-food dining experience to locals who are going out for a vegan meal on regular occasion – whether or not they love steak too.

There’s Another Washington D.C. Space Museum 30 Miles Outside The City, Very Worth The Drive

udvar hazy center

Most people, even Washington D.C. locals, don’t know about arguably the best air and space museum in the area, located 30 miles (50 kilometers) away from the city center. The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in the suburb town of Chantilly, Virginia, close the Dulles International Airport, is over 32,000 square meters (346,000 square feet) of aviation history.

The Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. is might be the best museum in the world for aviation science lovers, but I say “might” because the Udvar-Hazy Center exists. Here’s some of what you can find inside the two hangars of the museum and why you should really make a day to visit it if you’re in the Washington D.C. area.

wright flyer udvar hazy

The world’s first airplane, the Wright Flyer, is on display at the Air and Space Museum. It’s not a replica, but the actual plane. There are two tours daily, run by volunteers and free, that are very, very, interesting but don’t miss the Wright Flyer segment. Even if you just tag along, there is so much more to the Wright Flyer than a few wings – the design, inspiration, and failures of the Wright brothers in developing the first airplane have valuable lessons for everyone. I can’t recommend it enough.

Donald D. Engen Observation Tower Donald D. Engen Observation Tower from above

A view of the Donald D. Engen Observation Tower, part of the Udvar Hazy Center, outside of Washington D.C. From the tower you can watch flights like mine coming in and if you’re lucky (and on the left side) of the plane landing at Dulles International Airport, see the tower as you approach for landing.

udvar hazy concorde

There are over 240 aircraft inside the Udvar-Hazy Center, which by the way, is free admission. It’s all worth exploring so set aside a few hours for a visit.

udvar hazy helicopter

Documentaries and films are also shown throughout the day at the Udvar Hazy’s IMAX theater. The IMAX screen is 6 stories high, 25.9 meters (85 feet) wide, with 4K resolution. Here’s a current schedule of what’s playing now.

james s mcdonnell space hangar

But this, located in the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar is what really blows people away.

shuttle discovery

The Space Shuttle Discovery, 39 space flights over 27 years, more than any other spacecraft.

discovery udvar hazy

Everyone looking up at Discovery, the engineering feat and what it represents of exploration and for humanity, is left in awe. You’ll see those faces. You’ll have one too.

You can get to the Udvar-Hazy Center using the metro from Washington D.C. but like the rest of the D.C. area, public transportation is terrible. It’s much better to rent a car then drive out to Chantilly, about a 40 minute drive from Washington D.C. at non-peak hours. (Don’t drive during rush hour in the D.C. area.) The address is: 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway Chantilly, Virginia 20151; parking is $15, and regular hours are from 10am- 5:30pm daily with some extended hours.

I’m told mid-week is least crowded but even during the peak weekends, Udvar-Hazy never feels crowded with people. The Udvar-Hazy Center has only about 20% the annual visitors of the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. – not because it isn’t worth a visit, but because so few know or remember it’s there. After one visit though, you’ll want to tell everybody it’s one museum that doesn’t disappoint.

DroneMate App Has All The Current Rules For Traveling With And Flying Your Drone Worldwide

dronemate app

DroneMate is an app I created that shows you the international rules for flying a drone in every country in the world. Available for iOS and Android, the DroneMate map is updated regularly from official sources, to make sure the information is as current and accurate as possible. DroneMate also includes U.S. state laws as well as the specific rules for various tourist sites around the world so you fly your drone without breaking any rules.

dronemate  wifox ios app store     wifox google play android
Why I Created DroneMate

Earlier this year I bought a drone small enough to comfortably travel with, but quickly realized finding out the rules, regulations, and laws to abide by internationally were difficult. There’s a lot of online hearsay, misinformation, and people who tell you convincingly what the local recreational drone laws are but are often (very often) wrong. Filming with a drone might seem innocuous but flying a small aircraft and breaking the rules, even unknowingly, can get you in a lot of trouble.

I created DroneMate to make all the recreational drone laws around the world accessible in one place, on your phone or tablet, so you can fly and film legally. Also, several countries, even those popular with tourists, outright ban the import of drones. DroneMate can help you plan before a trip, letting you know whether or not to leave your drone at home.

The recreational drone use rules around the world change frequently, which is why DroneMate is updated continuously.

DroneMate Features

It took me months of research to compile the proper contact information of official sources in every country to get the data for DroneMate. Still, anecdotally, many people’s experiences differ in some countries, where the rules aren’t enforced, or enforced incorrectly. DroneMate has a comment system where users can leave their experiences to share with other travelers and ask questions.

  • User-Rated Comment System – DroneMate lets users rate comments so the most useful ones are shown on top.
  • Check Rules At A Glance – The app categorizes national drone laws into one of four categories/icons (allowed, limited, restricted, no data/legislation) making it easy for you to quickly get an idea of what to expect. The details view lists all the applicable rules, registration forms, penalties for violations, plus comments from other drone operators.
  • Available Offline – The map is available offline so you don’t need an Internet connection to use DroneMate when you’re traveling. You can view the free, basic version of the map online here.
  • Specific Drone Information – Find out if your particular drone falls under the weight requirements of a given regulation.

DroneMate only covers recreational, not commercial, drone use and ultimately you’re responsible for knowing and following the right rules. The goal of DroneMate is to put the proper drone rules in one place, provide you with the appropriate contacts if registration is required, and save you from the hassle of drone confiscation or problems at customs around the world.

Available For iOS And Android Now

You can download DroneMate from the App Store for iPhone and iPad for $4.99. There are no ads or in-app purchases in DroneMate and you get a lifetime of free drone regulation updates, access to all the comments, additional information, as well as offline use for your travels. DroneMate is also available for Android devices here for the same price, with the same features, for $4.99. Purchasing DroneMate helps support me as I update the app, add features, provide speedy service, plus keep up with drone legislation to ensure DroneMate’s as useful as possible.

dronemate  wifox ios app store     wifox google play android
I appreciate your support, as well as feedback or feature requests – also if you’re happy with DroneMate, your 5 star reviews on Google Play or the App Store!

This Map Shows You The Drone Laws For Every Country In The World (Updated Regularly)

drone sofia bulgaria

This map is now available in app form! DroneMate is available on the App Store and Google Play.

wifox ios app store     wifox google play android
Many travelers buy a drone to shoot videos of the places they’ll be visiting but when you’re crossing international borders, not being aware of the local laws can cost you fines, hassle, the loss of your drone, or worse. Some countries, even those very popular with tourists, prohibit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs e.g. drones) from being imported at all.

Many travelers have been caught off guard at customs and having traveled around the world with my drone, can say the rules are often confusing. A big part of this is due to a lot of hearsay and misinformation floating around online, so I got in touch with the appropriate governing bodies in every country in the world to put together this map of official laws for recreational droning worldwide.

  • Last update: September 25, 2017

You can also bookmark the map or this page to keep up with any future updates.

The map is updated regularly and only applies to recreational drone use – commercial drone use requires a permit in practically any country you can think of. I’ve also included links to registration forms and any other relevant contact information you may need before you fly your drone in a given country.

U.S. States And Special Circumstances

Several U.S. states have additional (to the Federal Aviation Administration; FAA) rules governing drone use, those have been included in the map above as well. Additionally, some specific tourist sites, parks, and other areas have their own rules concerning drone use, those have been noted as well.

Help Me Clear The Grey Areas

I’ve tried to organize the map into four main categories:

  • Green: Drone use is generally allowed.
  • Yellow: Drone use is limited or may require cumbersome registration processes.
  • Red: Drone import or use is prohibited or otherwise heavily restricted.
  • Grey: No data or there are no defined or applicable UAV laws.

Of course, not all drone regulations fit neatly into these categories so please feel free to comment if you have any questions – and in many countries, the law may say one thing, but travelers experience another. I hope that you’ll help add to this map by commenting about your experiences below. Lastly, although I’ve done my best to get the most accurate information but it’s informational and ultimately it’s your responsibility to know the rules and not get in trouble. I hope this map helps serve as a valuable guide as you travel with your drone around the world!

Is It Still Possible To Visit Socotra Island?

socotra dragon blood tree

The Socotra archipelago, particularly its main island, is one of the most neglected tourism destinations in the world. A big part of the reason, in addition to Socotra’s remote location in the Arabian Sea, is that it’s Yemeni territory. Despite being 380 kilometers (236 miles) off Yemen’s southern coast, visas, not to mention a precarious security situation on the mainland had kept most people away.

A frequent question I’m asked is whether or not it is still possible to visit Socotra, as Yemen’s civil war continues, bypassing the mainland altogether. The answer is technically yes; but you’re not going to like the details.

Flights To Socotra, Sounds Nice

I visited Socotra and the Yemeni mainland several months before war made it too dangerous for travel – obviously, a lot has changed since then. For a while, flights from Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates near Dubai on Felix Airways to Socotra’s capital Hadibu were infrequent, but flying occasionally. Those flights have stopped completely, despite the claims by a few tour operators in the UAE. I reached out to several of the tour operators in the UAE and Yemen, as well as some airlines who all floated the sentiment they were hopeful regular service would resume soon, despite there being no change for many months.

socotra island beach

Believe In Ferries

Some tour operators based out of the UAE sign people up to tours, claiming to arrange Socotra trips by ferry. Practically all are canceled, so be very weary before booking or giving money to any tour operator. All of the other options are fairly unofficial, such as traveler Johnny Ward coaxing his way on to a cement shipping boat, with a lot of local help.

“One whole week of phone calls, paperwork, cash, documents, visas etc. went by… to ensure my visa to Yemen wasn’t canceled… to ensure that immigration in Socotra would accept me via the cement boat.”

Clearly, not a travel plan possible, or desirable, by most of you.

Situation Determination

You really have to be persistent, determined, and adventurous to even attempt a trip to Socotra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are substantial costs, not to mention risks, right now in doing so. Travel to Socotra is likely to be practically infeasible as the situation in mainland Yemen continues to deteriorate with more than 70% of the population – most of these peopleneeding humanitarian assistance.

Those of you still wondering why you might want to visit Yemen can take a look to what was and hopefully what may be again one day.

Is This The Most Boring Place In The World?

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament I run every year on this site is often controversial for a wide variety of reasons. 2017’s winner, Granada, Spain (yay!) wasn’t a surprising result for many of you who voted but the city it beat in the final, Campina, Romania, generated passionate comments of hate and love, mainly from locals.

Each year, I visit the winning Best City. I’ll be revisiting Granada this fall – though the fact that thousands voted for Campina while at the same time others wrote comments that I might die of boredom there made me curious. I have a goal to visit every country in the world, and there are many places I’ve visited which turned out to be very pleasant surprises, despite not having large tourist attractions.

You can see the story in the video above and decide if Campina is the most boring place in Romania or if a visit to the area should be part of your Romania travel plans.

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