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Is The iPhone 12 Camera Worth Upgrading To Over The iPhone 11?

The iPhone 12 has an impressive 7-element lens with 1.6 aperture and slightly wider prime lens than the iPhone 11. But with the iPhone 11 still on sale new from Apple – at $200 less than the 12 – is there enough difference in the picture quality to justify an upgrade or trade in?

Find out for yourself in the video above which tests your ability to see the differences between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12. For those of you coming from older cameras (iPhone X and before) both the 11 and 12 will be a significant jump but for everyone else, the improvements are much more subtle depending on what you’re shooting.

The 4th Gen iPad Air Beefs Up To Become A Portable Workstation

The 2020 iPad Air is a major jump from previous iterations but instead of getting lighter, Apple’s slightly increased the physical specs to fit in Pro-level features. Before the iPad Air was simply a slimmed down regular iPad, for those looking for a slimmer travel tablet. Once the iPad Pro was announced, there was a massive gap in Apple’s line up between iPads you could type, draw, and actually work on.

Now with the 4th generation iPad Air that gap between the Pro is a blurred line. You can watch the full review in the video here or read on.

Refreshing iPad Air

The 2020 iPad Air sports the same boxy look as the iPhone 12 with flattened edges 6.1 millimeters thick. The bezels – 17.8 centimeter by 24.7 cm (9.74 x 7 inches) – are also smaller and even around the 10.9 inch (27.7 cm) display. The screen can get bright at a maximum 500 nits and this iPad Air works with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, a feature it shares with the iPad Pro.

The A14 Bionic chip is snappy as you’d expect but the iPad Air doesn’t have a 120 hertz (Hz) refresh as some might expect. (I did.) Still, this iPad Air creeps on iPad Pro territory while weighing only 458 grams (460g for the cellular version). Another nice touch – the iPad Air also charges over USB-C.

Working With The iPad Air

With all of these Pro-like features, the iPad Air is more of a mobile workstation than a stopgap between your phone and laptop. In other words, the iPad Air can be used as an effective working machine while you’re on the go. It’s powerful enough to handle light photo and video editing, works with the Pencil for sketching, and is compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio… just like the iPad Pro.

The 4th Gen iPad Air Beefs Up To Become A Portable Workstation

Those additions – being able to type, draw, and edit mean you can use the iPad Air’s 10 hours of battery life for much more than you could with previous generations. It also means the iPad Air is pricier this time around too.

Added Costs, Gravitational Pull In The Lineup

The iPad Air starts at $599 for the 64GB variant ($749 for 256GB), a jump up in price for the line. In a way, you can look at the iPad Air as a smaller iPad Pro that’s come down in price – minus a few niche features (high refresh rate and LiDAR, most notably). Or an iPad that’s gone up in price from the regular iPad, priced at $329.

The differences here are in power and portability. Want more screen, LiDAR, and the fastest processor available in an iPad: the Pro might be for you. But you’re probably not in that category. Only use your iPad for a screen to watch stuff on or keep your kids distracted: the 8th gen iPad might be for you. But you’re probably not in that category. For a majority of you reading this, the iPad Air is the iPad that makes the most sense for the most people. Especially if you’re going to frequently be throwing it into a backpack on your way to anywhere.

Converting To Islam And Moving To Istanbul: Interview With Blogger Ellie Quinn

You may recall the foXnoMad Podcast episode from this past June with Ellie Quinn about what it’s like to travel as a woman in Pakistan. Since we last spoke Ellie left Indonesia back to England and a short time later announced her conversion to Islam on Instagram. I caught up with Ellie, who’s currently living in Istanbul, to talk about what lead her to “revert” to Islam and what the means on a recent foXnoMad Podcast episode.

You can watch a clip from the foXnoMad Podcast above and listen to the full episode below.

Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder Brings Minimalism To Their Slim Wallet Line

Ekster’s line of slim wallets and cardholders has elegantly retained a classic wallet look, while ditching the traditional fold. Those small steps toward a truly minimal, modern slim wallet were a good introduction for those not wanting to make a major change to the way they carry credit cards. For everyone else though, wanting a modern look with a modern design from Ekster, the Aluminum Cardholder is a solid step in the right direction.

Sleek And Slim

The Aluminum Cardholder isn’t marketed as a wallet but its three components give you everything you’d need to carry cards, some cash, and like most wallets… no coins. Slimmer than even Ekster’s other slim wallets, the Aluminum holds 4-6 cards in its 7.4 millimeter main compartment. The exterior space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum does scuff a bit from the included money clip but it’s certainly useful if you carry cash often.

Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder Brings Minimalism To Their Slim Wallet Line

Around the back of the Aluminum is a “backpocket plate” to hold even more cards (up to 6) if the 4-6 in the main compartment won’t be enough for your needs.

Minimalism In Metal

For many, this might be too minimal a design, particularly if you’re coming from a traditional wallet. Keep that in mind for your gift buying ideas as well, someone who’s more traditional will probably be happier with one of Ekster’s more classic looks. Those other cardholders have elements – leather, folds, pockets – from traditional wallets.

But the jump into minimalism here for the Aluminum will appeal to everyone wanting to travel light. The sleek aluminum is unassuming, fits (and doesn’t stick out) of most jean front pockets, and can be expanded with the additional plate if needed.

Right Steps

The Ekster Aluminum falls more inline with competing slim wallets – the metal look, thin profile – while keeping the cardholders signature switchblade card release design. (It’s definitely a strong selling point once you try it.)  On its own Ekster’s Aluminum is a nice cardholder but put into the other options Parliament, Senate, and now you’ve got a broad spectrum to choose from. From modern wallet to ultra-slim, the Aluminum is one traveler’s should take a close look at.

The Ethics Of Travel Blogging: Where Do Creators Draw The Line?

jessie festa foxnomad podcast

How do you as a reader know that the content a travel blogger is making is entirely independent, sponsored, or heavily influenced by free trips or financial incentives? The online space is rapidly evolving and for a long time was an unregulated wild west, leaving many creators to come up with their own guidelines… or not.

I recently asked can you trust foXnoMad, to answer how I go about things, though there’s no single approach for all travel bloggers. It’s one of the reasons Jessie Festa recently joined me on an episode of the foXnoMad Podcast to explain her approach and outline what some of the potential conflicts of interest can be for new creators.

In addition to her site Jessie On A Journey, Jessie runs Travel Blog Prosperity which guides bloggers on how to make their sites profitable and manage what happens when do that. There’s a lot to learn for creators but also consumers of travel content online, including a few lines we won’t cross.

Asking Demonstrators Why They Attended The Million MAGA March

The Million MAGA “Make America Great Again” March didn’t draw a million people to Washington D.C. but it did bring with it thousands who show the divide in the United States. Compared to the widespread party D.C. turned into after the election was called for Joe Biden, MAGA marchers were a demonstration of the ideological contrast in the nation.

I walked through the crowds, asking why people were attending the MAGA March – you can hear their replies in the video above. Since I published that video the reactions have been as divisive as the march itself. Some were upset that I didn’t counter the claims or add an opposing opinion.

I may go more in depth into the controversy on an upcoming foXoMad Podcast episode but these are pro-Trump supporters in their own words. They speak for themselves but depending on who’s listening it’s either disturbing or encouraging; a division which ultimately surprised me. It’s worth noting the demonstrators were more diverse than I expected, defiant, and as the evening wore on some turned to violence.

Some of you may have rather I not have made this video. Despite what many in the crowd think, on January 20th Donald Trump will no longer be president yet the march is a reminder that 72 million voted for him. A significant percentage of whom believe were it not for an election conspiracy Trump would have won a second term.

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