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8 Creative Ways To Use Apple AirTags

Apple’s AirTags are small Bluetooth trackers than can be used to locate your luggage but also have a number of other good uses. Despite the bad press, AirTags can be a valuable asset in your personal security system both at home and during travel.

These are 8 creative ways you can use AirTags to recover your lost valuables.

1. Luggage

The most obvious use for an AirTag but the obvious place to put on – in the luggage tag – isn’t the best place. Rather, place the AirTag in your suitcase, preferably in an interior pocket so it can’t be easily swiped or lost.

8 Creative Ways To Use Apple AirTags

2. Pet Tag

Using an AirTag keychain holster or a collar made with AirTags in mind, you can track your pets when they’re outdoors in case they get lost or just to find out what your cat has been up to all day.

3. Car

Hiding an AirTag in the trunk or between seat cushions (again, so it’s not easy to spot or locate for a potential crook) can give you some tracking information in case your car is stolen.

sony electric car

4. Keys

An obvious but useful one is using an AirTag key chain because your keys will get lost when you really need to find them.

airtag key chain

5. Backpack

We often think we wouldn’t just leave our bag somewhere until we actually do. The same principle applies here – keep the AirTag in an interior pocket away from any external zippers.

6. Mail

Sure, you can use FedEx or UPS to track your package but now you can theoretically get real-time updates on any piece of mail you send if you place an AirTag in the envelope.

7. Bicycle

There are specialized lights for bikes built to hide an AirTag out of sight of a potential thief. You can also use the lower tech method or duct taping one inside the seat, keeping it out of view.

amsterdam bikes

8. Purse And Some Wallets

Depending on the type of wallet or clutch you carry, an AirTag can fit and help you find it in case it gets lost. Unfortunately, since AirTags aren’t flat, they won’t easily fit in a folding wallet.

Remember This When Using AirTags

AirTags can be purchased individually but Apple does discount them if you get a 4 pack. Alternatively there’s the competing Tile which might work better for you. Still, there are a lot good ways to put multiple AirTags to use, just remember to keep them hidden because the longer their with your stuff, the more chance you have to recover your valuables if they get lost.

The 7 Best Meals In Copenhagen For Less Than 100 Danish Krone ($15)

This is a guest post by Josephine Remo, a former flight attendant of seven years, whose biggest passion is traveling. For the past ten years, Josephine has dedicated all her spare time to travel and is currently living as a digital nomad.

The 7 Best Meals In Copenhagen For Less Than 100 Danish Krone ()

Copenhagen is a lovely city that is well worth any traveler’s time for numerous reasons. You might think of words such as cute, bicycles, NOMA, cold, or Hans Christian Andersen. A word that is rarely associated with Copenhagen, however, is cheap.

Many people believe that visiting Copenhagen is going to break the bank and it is true that Denmark is an expensive country. Nonetheless, over the years a bunch of great and economic options has opened all over the city in terms of food, accommodation, and things to do in Copenhagen. Eating amazing food in Copenhagen should be on the top of your list of priorities when visiting the city, and this does not have to be expensive at all.

Here is a list of the 7 absolute best places to eat around Copenhagen, for less than 100 DKK. All places mentioned below are local favorites that provide a great gastronomical experience, far away from overpriced tourist traps.

1. Folkehuset Absalon

Folkehuset Absalon is a particularly interesting and unique spot in Copenhagen that can be visited for more than just the food. As a converted church, Folkehuset Absalon functions as a restaurant, great café, event location, and hang-out spot.

Folkehuset Absalon copenhagen

The church opened its doors in 2015 intending to become a spot for the people that was both economic, inviting, and fun. Everything happens in the main hall where you find long tables, a bar, and ping pong tables. With its communal nightly dinners and events ranging from quizzes to croquis, Folkehuset Absolon is a place for all.

Dinner is served every night at 6 PM and presented in a communal format where everyone eats alongside at the long tables. The menu changes every night and costs 50 krone Sunday – Thursday. Friday and Saturday Folkehuset Absalon offer a 2-course menu for 100 DKK. Likewise, lunch is served every day from 12 PM and costs 50 DKK all days of the week.

You can check out their website for weekly events and an updated menu. Folkehuset Absalon is located in the trendy Vesterbro area at Sønder Blvd. 73, 1720 Copenhagen V.

2. Fabro

If you are craving a delicious and simple pasta dish in a laid back setup, head to Fabro. This small corner restaurant is located in the very center of the city and stands out with its economic prices and simple concept. You won’t find anything fancy in this place but instead simplicity, a nice atmosphere, and extremely friendly staff.

fabro copenhagen

For just 85 DKK, Fabro serves great pasta dishes without the fuss. The menu doesn’t change much and the options are cut to the bone. Fabro offers 4 different pasta dishes, a few simple starters, and usually just one dessert. Check out the menu on their website if you are curious to know more beforehand.

Note that Fabro doesn’t take any reservations and you will have to drop in and possibly wait a bit for a table. Fabro is in the very center of Copenhagen at Borgergade 134, 1300 Copenhagen K.

3. Poulette

Poulette is a tiny joint in the heart of the Nørrebro area that specializes in fried chicken or vegetarian tofu burgers for 75 DKK. Other than that, you have a few other great options in terms of extras and fries – that’s it. Even though the place and menu are small, Poulette serves one of the best fried chicken burgers in town and the people know it. With its growing popularity and limited space, it’s not uncommon to be in line for a medium-short while at Poulette.

poulette copenhagen

Note that you can’t sit inside at Poulette and with just one small bench outside, people tend to grab their food as take-away or pair it with a glass of wine from Pompette next door. You’ll find Poulette at Møllegade 1, 2200 Copenhagen N.

4. Holy Krapow

Holy Krapow is the only place in Copenhagen that serves the Thai spicy dish “Krapow”, and they do so perfectly. For 95 DKK you get an incredibly flavorful meal including rice, the meat or vegetarian topping of your choice, and a fried egg on top. Simple, tasty, and exclusively found at Holy Krapow in the Vesterbro area.

holy krapow copenhagen

Holy Krapow is located in the Vesterbro area at Sankt Jørgens Allé 6, 1615 Copenhagen V. Note that you choose your own level of spiciness and when they say Thai spicy, they mean it.


Located next to some of the best bars in Copenhagen, Gola has copied the New York concept of a pizza slice joint. Here Gola combines this concept with the Italian culinary tradition of the Roman-style pizza.

gola copenhagen

GOLA has a very casual and informal setting where people can order a few slices of pizza, costing 40 DKK a slice, and either grab a seat at the counter, in the front window or simply walk out the door with the pizza in hand. The menu at Gola changes seasonally and most toppings are made in-house using organic and locally produced ingredients. Besides pizza, GOLA serves a few fried bites called “fritti”, a few desserts, and a weekly pasta.

To know the exact menu, you have to either call the shop or visit GOLA at Ranzausgade 47, 2200 Copenhagen N.

6. Madglad

Madglad is a cafeteria in the Vesterbro area that serves tasty homemade meals at an affordable price in a fun and homey set-up. In the evening, Madglad serves the dish of the day, either including meat or as the vegetarian option, and offers side salads, bread, dips, and other fresh and home-cooked things in the buffet bar for 85 DKK. Alternatively, as take-away you can either choose the dish of the day including bread and hummus for 60 DKK, or get the full experience with salad for 75 DKK.

madglad copenhagen

Find Madglad at Eskildsgade 13, 1657 Copenhagen V.

7. Garbanzo

This pita-specialized place opened in 2019, quickly became extremely popular, and is now spread out over the city with 4 different stores. Garbanzo has the philosophy that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Freshness is the foundational stone of their concept and Garbanzo prepares fresh salads, homemade pita bread, and sous-vide prepared protein fillings daily with vegan and gluten free options.

garbanzo copenhagen

Photo courtesy Garbanzo.

Everything Garbanzo serves is mouth-watering good, and with pitas costing 69 DKK and bowls 89 DKK.

Visit Garbanzo either in the center of the city at Sværtegade 3, 1118 Copenhagen K, at Falkoner Allé 82, 2000 Frederiksberg, Århusgade 149, 2150 Nordhavn or in the Østerbro area at Ndr. Frihavnsgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Eating In Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen is a great and fun experience with numerous amazing options. While the city is pricey, eating great food in Copenhagen does not have to be. Know that Copenhagen is much more than NOMA and provides great economic options for a great dinner and even street food markets or local favorites.

At the 7 places in Copenhagen mentioned above, you are guaranteed a great meal at a very decent price.

Thank you Josephine for this tasty tour of Copenhagen! You can follow Josephine’s journey through her website, Instagram, and Pinterest. All photos in this post are courtesy Josephine Remo, except where otherwise noted.

Earbuds That Let You Hear The Outside World: Sony LinkBuds Review

Most headphone and earbud manufacturers focus on sound control, isolation, and active noise cancellation. Not the Sony LinkBuds though, which don’t even feature ANC. Rather, the Sony LinkBuds have a hole right in the middle to let you listen to music while still be able to hear the world around you.

They’re weird but packed with a lot of great features and might be sign of earbuds to come.

Recycled Parts, Updated Design

Right out of the box you’ll notice Sony have opted for a recycled paper box (like their WF1000XM4) to reduce plastic use and the plastic that is used in the LinkBuds case itself is made up of recycled materials. The result is a 95% reduction in plastic packaging and a smooth matte case that is very small. Measuring 41.4 x 48.5 x 30.9 millimeters and weighing on 34 grams, the USB-C charged LinkBuds case adds 12 hours of battery life. That’s on top of the 5.5 hours of battery life of the LinkBuds themselves, which isn’t great, but the smaller size means less space for batteries on par with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro. (And no wireless charging either.) Also, enabling some of the more advanced features like the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, may get you less battery life.

Earbuds That Let You Hear The Outside World: Sony LinkBuds Review

Coming in two colors, a textured white or a darker grey, the real story of the LinkBuds is their physical shape. There’s a rounded hole over your ear canal, leaving it exposed, while the battery and V1 Integrated Processor sits above that. The result is a very comfortable fit (these are very light earbuds) but having your ear canal open is much less restricting. Not only can you hear sounds around you but you also don’t feel like you’re in a warm sound booth either and these earbuds actually stay in your ears.

LinkBuds Sound

To get the most out of the Linkbuds you’ll want to download the free Sony Headphones app but even out of the box they sound crisp – pretty impressive for earbuds that don’t cover your ears. They tones really excel in the higher pitches and trebles but the bass sounds muffled. You can use the Headphones app to select one of a few different sound profiles or save your own custom EQ preferences as well.

sony linkbuds

Most earbuds focus on noise cancelling whereas the LinkBuds are designed for optimal transparency mode. That’s useful for when you’re jogging outdoors, they are IPX4 sweat proof, or when you’re walking around a city. Sony have also included features like speak to chat which turns off what you’re listening to automatically when you start speaking.

The microphone for calls is decent – it does tend to have a somewhat hollow sound a lot of earbuds do but the person on the other end of your phone call or virtual meeting should be able to hear you fine even if there’s moderate background noise on your end.

Futuristic Features

Sony have really leaned in to the software customization of the LinkBuds. Using the spatial sound feature, moving your head up and down then left and right, the LinkBuds will adjust their sound based on how you specifically wear them. Another feature found on other Sony earbuds is ear analysis where the headphones app uses your phones camera to optimize the sound quality based on the specific shape of your ears.

Another elegant design choice that cuts down on the size of the LinkBuds is that they don’t have any onboard buttons, rather you double tap the side of your head for adjustable functions like pause/play or volume up and down. And it works pretty well, even if you’re chewing gum, even if it does feel a bit weird to tap the side of your head to skip ahead a song.

There are some quarks like the case hinge feels a bit flimsy at certain angles and the headphones app can’t show you the case battery life unless you take the earbuds in and out but those are mainly minor complaints and one that can be fixed with a software update. These might not be the best earbuds if you fly frequentlycheck out the Bose QuietComfort – but for daily use around town where hearing your surroundings is useful, the LinkBuds might be weird looking but could be a good fit.

Could You Visit Every Place On Earth In A Lifetime?

As someone who’s made a career that began from a quest to visit every country in the world, I’ve often thought, could I see more? Could I see every city with a population of over 500,000 or all the world’s countries, UNESCO sites, best and worst cities? It’s a question we’ve tackled here before but in the video above I show just how difficult such a feat would be.

For those of you who love traveling and want to see it all, the answer to the question – can you see the world in a lifetime – will either be discouraging or profoundly inspiring. The choice is a big one and all yours to make.

A Review Of Mint Mobile, There’s A Catch

Mint Mobile is a company that offers an alternative to local U.S. cell service, undercutting the prices of larger providers by maintaining an entirely brick-less infrastructure. For visitors to the United States, Mint Mobile can also be an attractive options compared to other eSim services but in both cases, there are some limitations to be aware of you can watch in this video or read on.


To see how Mint Mobile is able to have talk, text, and data plans half the price of major carriers like AT&T or Verizon, you need to understand what’s known as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. That means that Mint Mobile does not have its own wireless network infrastructure – in other words they’re not putting up their own cell towers and spending money managing, maintaining and growing their own network hardware. Instead, what Mint Mobile does as an MVNO is purchase portion of the network services from a larger carrier that does have its own wireless infrastructure.

In the case of Mint Mobile, they are an MVNO on T-Mobile’s network. Essentially Mint Mobile purchases bulk access to T-Mobile’s network then creates their own pricing for their talk, text, and data plans which end up being a lot less expensive for you the consumer.

A Review Of Mint Mobile, There’s A Catch

For example on a yearly plan with unlimited talk, text, and 10 gigabytes of data per month, Mint Mobile charges $20 every month, compared to T-Mobile where their 100GB plan is $70 a month and requires a year commitment. Mint Mobile offers plans as short as 3 months and setup takes 10 minutes on eSim compatible devices (most phones made since 2020) or if needed, they’ll mail you out a SIM card.

Carrier Games

Now being an MVNO means that T-Mobile can, and does, prioritize their paying users over Mint Mobile’s. In crowded places like sporting events or concerts, where a lot of people are connecting to the Internet on their phones, Mint’s service might be slowed down considerably or become unavailable altogether. During my testing I never encountered major throttling but it’s a possibility to be aware of.

Mint Mobile also limits video streaming to 480p resolution and doesn’t support Netflix. For people who watch a lot of YouTube on your phone, those limitations might be a deal breaker.

Lost Data

Unfortunately after testing Mint Mobile for over 6 months, it became apparent data from my first, 3GB, then 10GB plans were going missing. Even during a month where I purposefully kept my phone in airplane mode (wireless only) for all but a few hours, I some how hit my 10GB limit 10 days into the month. According to my phone stats, that’s not possible and something other users have reported online.

Mint Mobile wasn’t able to give me a good reason for the discrepancy and that’s disappointing because their service is otherwise solid with very good monthly rates. Given their status as an MVNO and the fact they don’t have physical stores, it’s easier to understand how Mint Mobile is able to cut down on costs. Assuming you don’t have mystery data leaks, the setup and price might be right for you.

How Airbnb Rips You Off With Cleaning Fees

Once the lower cost alternative to hotels, Airbnb prices have gone steadily up, even if it’s not apparent from the nightly rates that pop up in the search results. That’s because Airbnb hosts have adopted a strategy commonly used by airfare search engines to get you to pay more than you want to – by using the cleaning fee.

Clearing Up Cleaning Fees

You’re probably familiar with the service fee when booking on Airbnb – the cut the site takes to run their service but much, much more variable is the cleaning fee. Cleaning fees on the other hand are there to cover costs like labor, cleaning products, toilet paper, laundry – as the name suggests, to cover the costs of cleaning an Airbnb after your stay. The cleaning fee, unlike many hotels, is a one-time (non-refundable) upfront cost – in other words you pay a single cleaning fee rate whether you’re staying for a night or two months.

airbnb cleaning fee

Cleaning fees, in theory, vary based on the size of the accommodation, location, and any special circumstances like being on a ski resort for example, where you might have a lot more mud tracked inside. But cleaning fees, at least for the host, are somewhat arbitrary.

Reservation Pricing

An Airbnb host can set the cleaning fee to whatever they want and I’ve seen places where the fee is the same as the rental rate, meaning it can double the cost of your stay if it’s only for a night. See, Airbnb calculates service fees based on the total amount of your payment, which includes the cleaning fee. A high cleaning fee can mean a larger service fee meaning the price you saw in the search could be a lot more each night than at first sight.

reservation pricing

This all makes sense from a logical perspective for Airbnb but for you, the consumer, you still have that original price – the one you saw when you were searching in the first place – you still have that first price in mind. And because of that, you’re more likely to book the Airbnb, high cleaning fees and all. This is due to a psychological phenomenon called “reference price” and it works even better to get you to book an Airbnb if the search price – that first price you see is really low.

Airline Tactic

See, this is a tactic airlines have been using for a long time. You’ve seen it, you search for flights and pick a cheap one, only to watch the total price be way above what you were hoping to pay when airline fees are added. Fees for seating, fees for luggage, fees for food, fees for who knows what else. But you usually end up booking that flight anyway because our brains unconsciously evaluate prices based on the first base cost we’re presented with.

So it’s not a 949 dollar flight, it’s a $600 flight with fees and taxes tacked on. And just like that it’s not a $288 a night Airbnb but a $147 Airbnb with a $105 dollar cleaning fee. For Airbnb, holding off on how long they show you the total price – or rather by showing you the lowest base price for a booking, they increase their chances of you booking. And Airbnb hosts know this as well – so they can lower the nightly rate but make up for it a bit with a higher cleaning fee.

For longer bookings of a week or more, large cleaning fees probably won’t impact the total price too significantly. But for one or two night stays, they can significantly add to your totals. And that’s how hosts can really turn a profit since it probably doesn’t cost them close to the cleaning fee to spruce up after a one night guest.

Overall, hosts get to lower their nightly rate at first glance, profit off the cleaning fee, and all the while Airbnb makes more off increased service fees. To avoid falling for the reference price trap, check hotels, other rental sites, so for better or worse, you’re not just relying on Airbnb.

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