You’ll Find One Of The World’s Best Coffee Shops In Sibiu, Romania

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pardon cafe and bistro sibiu romania

Somewhere along your travels there’s a chance of unwittingly stumbling upon what you’ll soon realize is a perfect cafe. Positioned near the old fortress walls of 2013′s best city to visit Sibiu, Romania is Pardon Cafe And Bistro, where I shyly entered upon the recommendation of a local. Plopping down at the first table near the entrance, at first glance Pardon might be confused for a local equivalent of the smallest cafe in Sweden. But before I could order my first espresso, Pardon Cafe And Bistro‘s manager with a warm smile offered, in limited English, a proud tour of caffeinated sublimity.

Every Room Is Uniquely Designed

Walking through both floors of several rooms in Pardon helps you discover a stylish ambiance of varied moods to accompany your given appetite. Some rooms are cozy for chats with close friends while others encourage a larger drinks-before-partying atmosphere. Writers and book readers too will appreciate the creative walls with quiet corners that are imagination fuel like the Livraria Lello was for JK Rowling in Porto, Portugal. (Which happens to be 2011′s Best City To Visit.)

pardon cafe sibiu romania

Though as blue skies turn purple, your coffee introduction should morph into a pizza middle, with a few glasses of wine for conclusion.

sibiu food pizza

There are of course, other items on the menu, including a wide variety of salads, omelets, soups and increasingly waist expanding delights. All of the food I tasted was of very high quality – trust me, the kitchen isn’t hitching a free ride on the coattails of great coffee, booze, or decoration.

best cafe in the world

Those of you on a tight digital budget also won’t have to shave calories to cut down on costs, the most expensive menu items hover around 35-40 Romanian lei ($11-13 US dollars).

Salut Next Door

As the unsurprising wireless waves of Romania’s damn fast Internet speeds float past tablets and the good travel laptops, it might be easy to miss Pardon Cafe And Bistro’s cousin, Salut Bistro right next door. Focused more for travelers on a liquid ethanol diet there’s plenty of wine after you dine at Pardon.

bistro salut sibiu romania

The equally unique yet similarly artistic decor make apparent that both Bistro Salut and Pardon Cafe And Bistro share the same owner.

Tell Them foXnoMad Sent You To Save 10%

It was during an engaging conversation about the beating heart of optimism in Sibiu with the owners of Pardon that they graciously offered to give any visitor who mentions this blog, foXnoMad, a 10% discount off their order. I can’t recommend enough that stopping by Pardon Cafe And Bistro is something you must do when visiting Sibiu, either for breakfast or to recharge after a day hiking the long paths around the outdoor ASTRA Folk Museum.

Ask A Psychiatrist: Is My Constant Desire To Travel A Sign Of Mental Illness?

mexican skeletonLast year in March many of you asked whether you were crazy for wanting to travel the world and how to cope with the mental pressure that can accompany undertaking a big life decision. From handling negative family members to wondering whether extended travel reflects some sort of commitment issue, many of us have questioned our sanity from time to time. Today, I’m happy to have back Dr. Jamey Levy who will be here for an additional hour to diagnose your wanderlust.

Dr. Jamey Levy is a psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, where he works as the unit chief on a general adult inpatient unit. He also has a private practice in NYC and is in training to become a psychoanalyst.

The chat is open today, July 22nd from 9:30pm-11:30pm US EST (1:30am-3:30am GMT). Scroll down or click here to join the conversation below.

Dr. Levy will be by later this evening but you can begin submitting your questions for him any time today in the comments section below. Also, SCOTTeVEST will send the commenter with the top voted question their new RFID Travel Vest so be sure to give your favorites a vote up/down using the arrows at the lower right of each comment.

You’ll Never Play Chess The Same Way Once You See How They Do It In Sarajevo

Walking around The Best City To Visit 2012 Sarajevo, moments before capturing this video I was convinced there was a large brawl taking place. Though this group of men may have quieted somewhat for my benefit, these chess games between streets Ferhadija and Zelenih beretki in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina resemble many modern democracies around the world – lots of people shouting opinions but only the one guy with power making decisions.

Many scholars believe chess’s rise in popularity around the Balkans during Communism is in large part because it provided one of the few socially acceptible creative outlets. The average age of these players gathered near Hostel City Center seems to further suggest this might be the case and if so, they’ve picked the ultimate game. Mathematician Claude Shannon estimated there are around 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1050) possible outcomes in any given game of chess – based on the number of opinions being shouted per game, I may have heard close to all of them.

How To Share One Paid Hotel (Airport Or Otherwise) Internet Connection With Your Friends For Free

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bikers holding hands

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you can’t find wireless passwords at airports that don’t have free wifi or simply have to accept the inevitable hotel room that charges for Internet. (Come join us in 2014, you know who you are.) When facing your credit card, it might be enough to hold back your tears knowing it’s possible to share one paid Internet connection through a laptop to other devices or with friends who might split the travel cost with you.

Breaking Down Connections

borat high fiveLet’s begin with a few fundamentals, the first being things depend on how you’re getting the paid Internet connection (i.e. through Ethernet or wirelessly). Sharing a wireless connection over wireless using the same network card is nearly impossible with a Mac whereas a few Windows apps make it a snap. Also, the process is a bit different between Windows and Mac OS X (I’m omitting Linux flavors) but in general, when given options these are the most straightforward configurations:

  • Ethernet To Wireless: Mac OS X
  • Wireless To Wireless: Windows 7 or 8
  • Wireless To Ethernet: Take your pick

You can also share an Ethernet or wireless Internet connection to other devices over Bluetooth as well and it’s pretty simply for both operating systems as you’ll see below. Additionally, if you’re only traveling with a tablet or mobile you can share their Internet connection in most cases using Bluetooth.

Share A Cabled Ethernet Connection Over Wireless (Mac OS X)

Most recent versions of Mac OS X make turning your laptop’s Ethernet connection into a wireless hotspot fairly easy.

  1. Open System Preferences > Click Sharing
  2. If you want to protect the wireless connection using a password, select Wi-Fi Options. In the window that opens up, name the new wireless network anything you want or stick with the default (your Macbook’s name), choose WPA2 Personal from the Security drop-down, pick a password, confirm it and click OK.

mac os x share internet

  1. In the box labeled “To computers using:“, check “Wi-Fi
  2. Finally, check “Internet Sharing” on the left hand side

You should now be seeing the wireless network you just created from other devices and be able to connect; unless you’ve already forgotten the password because you’re blessed with terrible traveler’s memory.

virtual router plusEthernet To Wireless (Windows 8)

There are two ways to go about sharing an Ethernet Internet connection using Windows 8. The first – much easier – way is to download the free program Virtual Router Plus. Though if you’re ready for a bit of command prompt jiu-jitsu, here’s how to configure a Windows 8 hotspot yourself.

  1. From the Start screen > All Apps > Windows System > Command Prompt
  2. In the command prompt that opens up, type the following, with the SSID being a network name you choose along with any password: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NetworkName key=Password
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Type > netsh wlan start hostednetwork > Enter

When you’re done sharing, be sure to enter this in the command prompt: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork. Now, if you’re gotten this far, you’re probably wishing you had just downloaded Virtual Router Plus. Also, although Microsoft has announced it’s going to end support for Windows 7 in early 2015, sharing Internet connections on Windows 7 is so simple, you might be tempted not to upgrade just yet.

Wireless To Wireless (Windows 7 and 8)

Sharing a wireless connection using one wireless card requires a bit of software magic that Connectify Pro ($40) provides for both Windows 7 and 8. Manual configuration is possible but you’ll have to get your hands digitally dirtier than you might want.


Wireless To Wireless (Mac OS X)

Sharing a wireless connection over wifi isn’t something Mac OS X supports natively, potentially skewing a decision over whether you should buy a Mac or Windows laptop for your travels. (Unfortunately Connectify mentioned above is Windows-only.) Rather, in addition to extending your wireless range, purchase one of these USB wireless antennas which will run you about $30. Connect the antenna, then follow the Ethernet To Wireless (Mac OS X) instructions above, with the following modifications:

  1. Open System Preferences > Click Sharing
  2. In the box labeled “To computers using:“, check “Wireless_LAN_Adapter” (or some very close variation)
  3. Check “Internet Sharing” on the left hand side

Share A Wireless Connection Between Laptops Using An Ethernet Cable

There’s a reason I always travel with an Ethernet cable in my backpack and being able to share a paid wireless connection with a traveling companion is one of its many benefits. Turning one Internet connection into two is an easy process for both Windows or Mac which I cover on Tech Guide For Travel.

ethernet cable

Sharing Wifi Over Bluetooth (Windows 7, 8, And OS X)

Due to the Bluetooth’s limited range and the extra configuration required, you’re probably only going to need this when you want to share Internet from a mobile device or are having trouble turning your Macbook into a wireless to wireless hotspot. Here are a few guides on possible setups:

Drawbacks Of Sharing

Of course, sharing an Internet connection means sharing (or splitting) the total amount of bandwidth available to all of the connected devices, meaning it’s not the ideal time to stream your favorite TV shows. Turn off bandwidth hogs (at least it will help extend battery life) and remember that  most shared connections won’t work if the host is connected to a virtual private network. It is best to book cheaper airfare using a VPN before your digital generosity begins, though if anyone has a complaint, remind them who can pull the plug on their Internetz.

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