A Time-lapse Of Sunset Over Tatooine, The Star Wars Sets In Tunisia

While I was running around to capture these photographs from the Star Wars sets in Tunisia, some distance away on top of the car I took to get there was my iPhone 5s, recording a timelapse of the whole experience. (You can literally see me running around in the video below.) Arriving a few hours before sunset, I set up the phone, mildly stable, on a small travel bag hooked up to a PowerTrip portable battery pack.

Once everything was in place, I told Tayeb, the owner of the owner of Residence Almadina who drove me out to the Mos Espa sets about 20 kilometers (~12.5 miles) away from Tozeur, to be careful shaking the car if got in or out. To his credit, he patiently waited the entire time, even though he didn’t quite understand the enthusiasm of taking as many pictures as I did.

Coming back and forth to check in on the phone to make sure it was still standing, you can watch the result below:

There are a number of things I would have done differently – like taking a wider angle – and I would have liked to stay into darkness. The sky changed a spectacular shade of purple I’ve rarely seen, as the remaining cars along with ours drove off quickly back to Tozeur. (With a sense of urgency I might add.) Although I couldn’t really get to the bottom of the collective retreat, the fast return got me to my train back to Tunis with only a few minutes to spare.

Still, it was one of the most geek-satisfying days of my entire travels with the The Hologram/Binary Sunset medley playing in my head the entire time.

The Endless Angles Of The Chicago Bean

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There are almost an infinite number of ways to take an interesting photo of the Chicago Bean; a tourist attraction that sounds incredibly stupid in theory but doesn’t disappoint in person.

TripVerse Is Giving Away A Nexus 5X To foXnoMad Readers, Here’s How To Win

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Other than creating your own travel blog it’s tough to share discoveries you’ve made during a trip – like finding one of the world’s best coffee shops in Sibiu – with people in a useful fashion. On the other side, it’s not the easiest to find local secrets online in one place, so we often fall back on generic guide books, trying to guess what’s not been turned into a tourist trap by the time we’ve read it.

How TripVerse Solves Both Problems

TripVerse is a free app available (download on iOS and Android) which lets you check in to spots like restaurants, write your own review, and places them on a travel map automatically. In essence the idea is to create a crowdsource custom travel itineraries (although you can search for specific users’ recommendations as well). Important information like addresses are also added automatically by the app so you don’t have to do much to tag a place as being somewhere you think is worth visiting.

tripverse app

It’s worth noting that all of the information on TripVerse is available offline so you don’t need an Internet connection once you’ve specified a location such as a day in Vilnius, Lithuania. Also, you don’t necessarily need to contribute – I suspect a lot of the entries on TripVerse will be added by a small percentage of users, pretty much like any digital platform where you can consume or create.

From now until Monday, December 14th however TripVerse is giving you an great incentive to sign up and create a few trips of your own.

Win A Nexus 5X Phone

An update to one of the best Android phones of its time, the Nexus 5, is Google’s Nexus 5X. It’s one of the best travel phones than many of these hardcore travelers carry and TripVerse is giving one away.

Contest Entry Requirements

The Nexus giveaway is based on a point system, where being more active on TripVerse gives you more points (i.e. chances) to win the phone. Here’s what you need to do and how to earn more points:

Once you’ve done that you can earn more points by creating a trip with at least 5 activities on TripVerse (5 points). For some more easy points, click below:

Sharing the trips you’ve created on your Facebook and Twitter feeds also earns you 4 points each. You have until Monday, December 14 to enter and the winner will be selected at random on December 16, 2015. You’ll get the phone at most 3 weeks after than. Good luck to all of you!

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Burning Incense Outside The Kinkaku-ji Temple In Kyoto, Japan

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Representing prayers and more ambiguously the Japanese interpretation of spirituality, worshipers leave incense outside the Kinkaku-ji Temple, a must see in Kyoto, Japan.